Logz.io was an early adopter of Bob. As a small start-up that was scaling rapidly, it became clear that they needed to replace their manual HR processes and spreadsheets with an HRIS. They looked for a modern HR platform that would grow with them, help take the pressure off the HR team, automate their day-to-day tasks, and provide a centralized dashboard for their HR data. After researching several platforms, they knew that Bob was the right fit.

Founded in
Tel Aviv
What they do
Information Technology and Services
In a nutshell
Logz.io is a machine data analytics platform designed for monitoring modern applications. Logz.io helps engineers identify issues before they occur and empowers them to monitor and secure mission-critical applications using one unified platform.


What they do
Information Technology and Services

“Bob was a great fit for us as it was the easiest, most intuitive, and flexible system we saw. As we grew as a company, it felt like Bob grew with us. When we had a new need, Bob was one step ahead in creating that solution for us.”
Shir Birenbaum People Operations and AnalyticsLogz.io

Managing payroll was a manual, time-consuming, and meticulous task

Preparing for payroll involved hours of work every payroll cycle, ensuring that any changes for the upcoming payroll cycle were accurate and sent to the payroll system on time. The HR and finance teams would update their internal resource with the payroll changes and then process the data into the payroll system, which was time-consuming and tedious work. Then, as the company grew, it became clear that it needed a more scalable and efficient solution to streamline payroll. 

Logz.io’s workflow integrations

Bob’s payroll integrations reduced payroll preparation to mere minutes

Logz.io now uses Bob’s integration with the ADP Workforce Now payroll system to manage payroll for their US-based employees. Instead of spending hours preparing changes for an upcoming payroll cycle, now all payroll changes are made in Bob and automatically highlighted in the Payroll Hub. The Payroll Hub displays real-time employee payroll-related data, such as salary increases, employee-referral bonuses, and changes in address. Before the end of each payroll cycle, these changes are synced with the payroll system in a single click, ensuring accurate data for payroll. This seamless integration between bob and ADP Workforce Now has taken a huge load off the HR and Finance teams.

“Running payroll involves many small details that you need to sync with multiple interfaces and systems. From the smallest detail like a change of address or a title change, getting everything ready and ensuring that it was correct was a lot of manual work. Then we started using Bob’s Payroll Hub, which integrates all those systems, reminds you about changes and updates, and then automatically pushes them out to the payroll provider. It’s a huge difference, which has saved us many hours every cycle.”
Shir Birenbaum People Operations and Analytics at Logz.io

Company growth led to a greater need for employee data

As Logz.io grew from a small company of 40 to 240 employees spread across three global offices, their needs regarding employee data reporting also grew. HR sought an easy-to-use data management tool to enable them to view and track people analytics and KPIs in real-time.  

Bob’s analytics give HR the data they need

Using Bob’s analytics, HR now has easy access to employee data and uses it to create detailed reports for management and board meetings. They use the KPI dashboards to monitor people analytics such as company growth and retention. They especially like the career development dashboard that shows the company’s promotion and internal mobility rates and which supports their mission to focus on employee growth and development. 

Logz.io empowers their managers to handle employee update flows for their teams, such as compensation updates and promotions. This has helped streamline approval processes, keep their people data up-to-date, and ensure data accuracy and efficiency while also increasing managers’ engagement with Bob. 

Main takeaways:

  • After seeing dramatic growth, Logz.io needed an HRIS that could grow with them and manage all things HR.
  • Logz.io has reduced payroll preparation time from hours to minutes using Bob’s integration with ADP Workforce Now.
  • HR uses Bob’s analytics to prepare detailed reports for management and board meetings. 
  • Logz.io’s HR empowers managers to submit employee change requests independently, saving time and ensuring data accuracy. Over 300 employee update flows have been created to date.