AlgoSec is a leader in security management for enterprises. Based in New Jersey, the company also has offices in Atlanta, Israel, Belarus, and India, as well as employees working remotely from an additional 15 countries worldwide. During the last three years, AlgoSec has grown significantly, doubling its headcount and expanding to additional regions. This growth drove the company to implement an HRIS, which would enable them to scale, become more data-driven, and offer a higher level of support to their employees located around the world.

Founded in
Ridgefield Park, NJ
Global locations
What they do
Security Management
In a nutshell
AlgoSec is a leading provider of security management solutions, also known as firewall policy management. AlgoSec's products automate the management and enforcement of security policies across firewalls, routers, virtual private networks, and related security devices.


What they do
Security Management

Global locations
“AlgoSec grew from a small, family-oriented company to a global company, and we had to drive much faster. HR needed a more robust infrastructure to support our growth and provide us with reliable people data.”
Rinat Kuper Executive VP Human ResourcesAlgoSec

Supporting hybrid and remote employees worldwide

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, many of AlgoSec’s employees were working remotely from different locations. However, once the pandemic hit, all employees moved to a work-from-home model. AlgoSec’s HR wanted to gauge how their employees were feeling regarding their work-life balance, their confidence in HR, and the level of communications that they were receiving.

Using surveys to enhance the employee experience  

AlgoSec’s HR team is devoted to providing the best employee experience, and they use Bob’s surveys to measure employee engagement and satisfaction. During the early days of the pandemic, while all employees were working from home, HR conducted a survey to determine how their employees were faring, understand more about their attitudes towards the company, and see how they were managing their new reality. Their survey revealed that employees preferred a hybrid working model of splitting the week between working from the office and working from home. The company used this feedback as part of its strategic decision to implement the hybrid working model company-wide for the long term. Bob’s surveys helped HR understand their employees’ perspective of a hybrid working model—that it would help improve their work-life balance and save them hours of commuting time, with less time on the roads also aligning with the company’s eco-friendly policy.

AlgoSec’s HR uses Bob’s surveys to gain regular feedback from their employees on a wide range of subjects. They use this feedback to learn more about what their employees want, and they build action plans with managers to continuously improve and evolve. For example, in one recent survey, HR saw that people wanted to receive more training, so the company is building “Grow Yourself,” an internal learning and development program for their employees. 

AlgoSec’s HR and management review their overall company score regularly and share it company-wide in their all-hands meetings. This score is improving from year to year, a testament to the fact that they listen to their employees and are open to change.  

Becoming a data-driven company

In the early days of AlgoSec, HR used Excel spreadsheets to record their people data. However, as they grew, HR needed to become more data-driven, and it became clear that spreadsheets were not the best solution for providing them with reliable, real-time insights.

Bob’s people analytics provide real-time data and reports

With Bob’s people analytics, AlgoSec’s HR has a central repository of real-time employee data. They can now be sure that all data is fully updated and seamlessly provide reports to different stakeholders within the company, including Finance and the management team. Bob’s KPI dashboards provide HR with data on metrics such as the employee growth rate, turnover rate, average age, and average tenure. This data can be sorted per site, department, gender, and much more, which provides HR with valuable information about the company and the employees working from many different locations worldwide. 

AlgoSec’s workflow integrations

Optimizing remote onboarding 

With many of their employees working remotely even before the COVID-19 pandemic, AlgoSec’s HR was familiar with the challenges of onboarding remote employees. Although they already had several processes in place, AlgoSec’s HR wanted to find more ways to engage their new hires—both working on-site and remote and provide them with a warm welcome to the company.  

Creating a personalized preboarding and onboarding experience

AlgoSec’s HR aspire to give every employee a positive onboarding experience. Before their first day, they start the preboarding process, connecting new hires to Bob to start filling out their profiles and to submit all of their paperwork ahead of time.

Using Bob’s onboarding workflows, HR sets up tasks for each employee involved in the new hire’s onboarding to ensure that every touchpoint is covered. These include a task for their direct manager to connect with them and one for the IT manager to ensure that their equipment is ready for them to enjoy a seamless first day at work. HR also adds their personal touch by sending welcome gifts directly to all new employees’ homes. Having all personal details such as home addresses already added to bob helps to save HR valuable time. 

As part of the onboarding process, HR also introduces new employees to Bob’s People Directory and Org Chart and explains how to use them. This helps AlgoSec’s new hires to get familiar with their peers and the company structure.

AlgoSec’s HR love Bob’s onboarding workflows to automate the onboarding process and ensure that all new employees feel welcome, engaged, and enjoy a stress-free introduction to the company.

“At AlgoSec, we need to work with many locations, and bob has made our lives so much easier as we can manage everything in one place. Bob helps us to improve the service that we can provide to our employees and has helped us grow.”
Ofra Nur Global Compensation & Benefits and Operations Manager at AlgoSec

Main takeaways

  • AlgoSec uses Bob’s surveys to gauge employee satisfaction and engagement and creates action items based on the feedback.
  • Bob’s people analytics provide real-time people data that is shared across the company.
  • AlgoSec’s HR uses Bob’s onboarding workflows for preboarding employees before their first day.
  • New hires are introduced to the People Directory and Org Chart to get to know the company and their peers.