Fiverr is a modern, growing, global tech company with offices in New York, Florida, Tel Aviv, Guatemala, Kyiv, and Serbia. The company has 545 employees, including 185 hired remotely in the last year during the COVID-19 pandemic. With an HR team made up of 25 professionals, Fiverr is dedicated to supporting its people. Four years ago, the company decided to replace its HRIS platform because it was not fulfilling their needs. Fiverr chose Bob for its end-to-end functionality, intuitive user experience, and flexibility, enabling them to run HR the way they want. They haven’t looked back.

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New York City, NY
What they do
Global online marketplace
In a nutshell
Fiverr is a global online marketplace that connects businesses with on-demand freelance talent offering digital services in more than 500 categories, including graphic design, digital marketing, programming, video, and animation.


What they do
Global online marketplace

An HRIS to support the employee lifecycle

Fiverr sought a powerful HRIS that would support their people from onboarding and throughout the entire employee lifecycle. They also needed a flexible and configurable platform so that their HR team could manage all their core HR processes as they wanted to.

Bob is at the core of Fiverr’s HR 

Fiverr uses Bob for managing all HR-related processes in the employee lifecycle, including their daily and cyclical tasks such as performance reviews and time off. 

As a growing company, hiring talent is paramount to Fiverr’s success. But it’s also a very time-consuming process. Bob integrates with Fiverr’s ATS platform, Comeet, and once an employee accepts a position at Fiverr, their data is automatically transferred into Bob. This ensures they are ready in the system for onboarding, which helps save valuable admin time—no small feat in a company that hired 185 new employees in one year. 

From their first day at work, all new employees get acquainted with Bob. The HR team manages the entire onboarding process directly through the platform. They also post a Shoutout on the Bob homepage which is also distributed via Slack to announce new joiners and welcome them to the team. The intuitive Org Chart feature helps new hires familiarize themselves with Fiverr’s company structure and provides information on their peers. This has been particularly helpful during the past year while many of Fiverr’s employees have been working remotely. 

Fiverr’s workflow integrations
“We looked into many HRIS platforms but chose Bob because it’s the simplest to use and most flexible for our needs. The other systems have their own way of managing HR, but with Bob, we can run HR as we choose”
Gil LevHead of Global HRFiverr

From office culture to remote culture

Fiverr’s HR strategy and mindset focuses on the personal touch. So, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and an overnight move from their unique office culture to remote work, Fiverr’s HR team recognized the need for a new approach for managing and communicating with their people.  

Support and engagement through Bob

Once the pandemic hit and employees moved to work from home, Fiverr recognized that many of their employees who lived alone felt isolated, and others were struggling to balance their work with homeschooling their children. The HR team stepped up their communications and started sending daily messages through Bob to provide support and a sense of belonging to the company. 

With employee wellbeing as an ongoing concern, the company sent their employees regular gifts, tailoring them to each employee’s personal circumstances such as toys for children, meals for parents, or company swag. Contact details and other personal information were easily found in Bob, helping to alleviate a potentially complicated process. 

“As a publicly held company, I need to present HR data every quarter to the compensation committee and the Board. Bob makes it simple, providing all of the data that I need in an easy-to-understand format.”
Sharon SteinerCHROFiverr

Taking a data-driven approach

Fiverr’s HR team is passionate about people analytics. However, their previous HRIS didn’t provide an intuitive reporting function. As a data-driven and publicly-traded company that requires transparency and accuracy in its reporting, this wasn’t a viable long-term solution. Fiverr needed their HRIS to be the central repository of employee data in the company, with a sophisticated people analytics function. 

People data in one centralized location

Fiverr’s people data is now easily accessible in Bob, as the single source of truth. Fiverr’s HR team can view real-time people analytics on headcount, growth, new and terminated employees, gender balance, retention rate, attrition rate, and more at the click of a button. These detailed reports and graphs are easily downloaded and used internally by the HR team and presented at executive meetings.

For example, Fiverr ran an Organizational Network Analysis (ONA) which gave them company insights and a visual map of the organization. This visual map of the organization’s relationships enabled them to identify teams that were isolated and individuals at the center of holding knowledge within their function or team. 

They also created a time off report, which revealed that many people had not been taking vacations during the pandemic. Fiverr was able to identify which employees had not taken time off, take action, and send out a company-wide communication emphasizing the importance of taking some well-earned vacation time. With Bob, Fiverr has its finger on the pulse of the company and all its employees. 

Main takeaways:

  • Bob supports Fiverr’s entire employee lifecycle from hiring, to onboarding, to performance reviews
  • Bob integrates with Fiverr’s ATS platform, Comeet, saving valuable time on the admin regarding new hires
  • Bob is fully customizable, enabling Fiverr to manage HR as they choose
  • Bob provides a friendly and engaging means of communication to Fiverr’s employees, working near and far 
  • Bob’s KPIs enable Fiverr’s HR to pull insightful employee data to present at executive meetings