SmartRecruiters is a hiring platform done differently. Their mission is to connect people to jobs at scale with a transparent and seamless experience for the candidate. SmartRecruiters is a global company with 300 employees spread across six offices in San Francisco (HQ), Poland, Germany, France, UK, and Australia. When COVID-19 struck, the company went fully remote. Seeing their success and the positive feedback they received from their employees, they decided to operate as a remote-first company, giving their employees the flexibility to work from the office, or anywhere they choose. This move has enabled them to recruit and create more diverse teams representing different backgrounds and expertise worldwide. SmartRecruiters is growing and plans to increase its headcount by 25% by the end of 2021. To support this growth, the company was looking for a powerful HRIS that would enable them to automate their HR processes, help build culture, and provide them with real-time people data across their sites. They found all of that in Bob.

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San Francisco, CA
300 in six countries
What they do
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)
In a nutshell
SmartRecruiters’ Talent Acquisition Suite is used by high-performance organizations for making the best hires. SmartRecruiters makes hiring easy, with a product that hiring managers and recruiters love and that provides a positive candidate experience.

300 in six countries

What they do
Applicant Tracking System (ATS)

Streamlining platforms within the company

While SmartRecruiters needed to implement a comprehensive HRIS, the company also had a general goal to reduce the number of platforms they were using. Therefore, it was essential that their HRIS would not be just “another tool” but prove itself as a valuable platform to help HR manage their processes while also benefiting their people. Plus, as a company that uses Slack as its primary method of communication, a Slack integration was important for meeting their employees within their flow of work. 

Bob’s integration with Slack keeps all communication in one place

As a hiring platform, SmartRecruiters is in a similar field to HiBob and has an insider’s point of view on Bob’s features and functionalities. However, since implementing Bob, employee feedback to the HR team has been very positive, including its ease of use, its transparency, and its seamless integration with Slack, their primary means of global communications company-wide. Now, SmartRecruiters employees can enjoy Bob’s capabilities such as requesting time off, keeping track of teammates’ availability, reading company updates, and checking who has a birthday or work anniversary directly within Slack. They can also react to posts without opening additional apps. This has helped the company retain their Slack culture and reinforced to HR that implementing Bob was the right choice for their company. 

SmartRecruiters’s workflow integrations

Updating manual HR processes

Before implementing Bob, SmartRecruiters’ HR team performed many of their processes manually, using spreadsheets. As the company grew, this became increasingly complex and inefficient. It was clear that this method was not sustainable.

Creating automated workflows so that no milestone is missed

SmartRecruiters is automating all of its HR processes through Bob, which saves time and helps their teams become more efficient. With all employees’ personal information saved in Bob, HR can easily keep track of employee’s birthdays and work anniversaries. They have set up workflows to remind managers of these milestones to ensure that every employee is celebrated. Their data helps them add special personal touches for each employee. With Bob as their single source of truth, no milestone is missed.

SmartRecruiters has also set up a workflow for when an employee leaves the company. When an employee gives notice, their manager can trigger a workflow asking HR if they should seek a replacement. If the answer is yes, the relevant employees are informed, and a new position is automatically created. Everyone involved in the recruitment process for this position receives their specific tasks and is kept in the loop, ensuring a smooth process from start to finish. 

Seeking an easy to use reporting tool

SmartRecruiters’ HR team receives requests for people data from different departments within the company daily. They needed a tool that would enable them to find the data quickly, create graphs and reports, and send them to the relevant stakeholders.

Bob’s people analytics help them get the job done

With Bob’s people analytics, HR can view and analyze their people data in real-time. The easy-to-understand dashboard includes all of the common HR KPIs requested by their peers, such as salary data for the finance team and company data such as headcount, growth, employee turnover, and terminations for management. Acting as one single source of truth, the HR team can create graphs and reports directly in Bob, without using spreadsheets or any other software.  

“When people started using Bob we got really positive feedback, like, ‘now I can see my team’s schedule,’ ‘I can see people in the Org Chart,’ ‘it’s really easy to use,’ and, ‘now I finally know who these people are.’ Bob has also created discussions around Clubs and Hobbies which have opened new opportunities for people to connect.”
Romain Delebecque Director, Employee Experience SmartRecruiters

Supporting international growth

With a growing headcount and employees working globally, it was challenging to keep track of who’s who, who’s in, and who’s out within the company. Employees working from around the world couldn’t make personal connections with one another, or get to know each other outside of their daily tasks. 

Getting to know their peers 

SmartRecruiters employees no longer need to guess who’s working and who’s on vacation. Instead, they use Bob to look up their peers worldwide using the Org Chart, where they can also view a visual representation of the company hierarchy and understand the company structure, including who reports to who. With Bob’s clubs and hobbies, employees can discover who in the organization shares similar interests to them, which has created new opportunities for people from different sites to collaborate. The company is also joining in on the effort and is in the process of setting up employee resource groups to help their employees join together based on their shared interests or life experiences. Finding common ground has helped the SmartRecruiters team bridge the cultural divide between their global sites and created a more cohesive company experience.

“Bob came at the right time for us. We launched right after COVID-19 started, and it provided an additional level of support for our people.”
Romain DelebecqueDirector, Employee Experience at SmartRecruiters

Main takeaways:

  • SmartRecruiters loves Bob’s integration with Slack, enabling them to use Bob within their flow of work
  • SmartRecruiters’ HR uses Bob’s workflows to automate their processes 
  • Using the Org Chart, SmartRecruiters’ employees can look up their peers and discover shared interests through Bob’s clubs and hobbies
  • Bob’s Time Off feature makes it easy for SmartRecruiters employees to request vacation 
  • With Bob’s People Analytics, HR can seamlessly create reports for Finance and management