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iTech helps people make smart choices online by creating industry-leading experiences and comparison products.

How iTech Media gamified its bob launch

iTech helps people make smart choices online by creating industry-leading experiences and comparison products. They use their skills - comprising of Content, UX, Design, SEO, Engineering, and Marketing - to entertain and establish trust with a global audience.

Meet JooBee Yeow, Head of People & Experience (PeX) at iTech Media. iTech are creating industry-leading experiences and comparison products – and JooBee is creating delightful experiences for their people.

She’s a self-proclaimed geek, with experience spanning engineering, analytics, learning and development, consulting and everything in between. We’re super proud to have a smart People Team like hers in our community. They gamified their bob launch and the figures speak for themselves…

 We know that buying the right HR system is only part of the battle. Getting people to use and appreciate is the real challenge. But fear not, JooBee is here to take us through her inspiring steps to achieving this with an internal tool.


1.  Plan your launch like it’s a marketing campaign 


It’s what it deserves – especially after all that effort getting buy-in from stakeholders, combing through data-migration, and setting up the system. JooBee and her team were thinking about the launch from the outset, approaching it like an internal Experience Marketing campaign.


 “In People Experience, you need to have a marketing mindset. You can’t force people to use products, you need to entice them and make them feel part of the change.”


Her goal was to make people want to use the platform, not have to. Why? Because she’s all about giving the people what they want. Creating awareness is key – when people see it resolves their needs, there’s higher engagement and better buy-in to all People initiatives.


2. Get everyone talking about your product and the issues it will solve… but be creative

Then a new ‘employee,’ Bob Tule, started asking questions on the iTech chat platform. He started asking questions in their public channels and ArchiTechs were wondering who he was. He’d ask things like, “how to see who is on holidays?”, “How can I find out who is in my team?” and “is there a mobile app for the current HR system?” Basically, highlighting pain points that the bob platform would solve. Being a collaborative community, employees kept trying to help ‘bob’ get an answer before explaining that most of it was not possible.


“One of our ArchiTechs said ‘This bob is really annoying; he keeps picking on our HR tool! But I’ve not seen him in the office.’”


So, by the launch, everyone wanted to know who Bob was and when they realized bob was an HR Platform, they all wanted to check it out. ‘His’ annoying questions all week had educated ArchiTechs on the benefits of the product, so they were eager to check them all out.


3. On launch week, use team challenges to train users on how to use your new product


Instead of organizing workshops where we show users how to do some clicking (which nobody remembers), the PeX team at iTech gamified learning!

With clear learning outcomes, the PeX team created fun challenges to drive the behavior they want to impact. JooBee and her team planned a whole launch week: branding it the “ACE Championships”, with challenges to do and prize incentives.


“We had a live leader board on our screen in the office, which is also accessible remotely. Individuals in each team complete their challenges and then see the progress of their team. We had an ambassador for each team who’d encourage and motivate. We had so much fun competing and achieving all our objectives!”


Each challenge taught the user how to manage their own data, such as checking holidays or uploading a photo. At the end of each challenge, we’d ask a question like ‘who has the same hobbies as you? or ‘what percentage of your team is in the office?’ to encourage them to explore the platform’s features. It was a dream for PeX too, because everyone was literally validating their data whilst they learned the tool.

4. Use LinkedIn to share your bob launch and show off your employer brand

“In one week, 100% of ArchiTechs were trained on how to use bob with 100% engagement of the platform (minus a few on holidays)”
JooBee Yeow Head of People & Experience (PeX) at iTech Media

 Once again thinking like a true HR marketeer, JooBee crafted some killer content with photos from the week. She also tagged everyone in the PeX team who made it happen, recognizing them for all their hard work and expanding the reach of the post. Her share got 173 likes, 33 comments, and even received an influx of candidates who wanted to work for iTech Media after reading about the creative way they do things.

 “The bob platform is very friendly. If people know how to use it and understand how beneficial it is, they will use it”. 


Massive kudos to JooBee and the iTech PeX team for launching this incredible initiative! And to get even more HR inspirations from iTech Media, why not check out their exciting careers site. No wonder they have a five-star rating on Glassdoor. 


Glad you’re here iTech Media!

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