Full-stack compensation strategy

How to attract and retain top talent using a full-stack compensation strategy

Introduction Companies today are suddenly thinking very differently about compensation. If they want to succeed, they need to adopt a people-centric culture and recruitment strategy that puts competitive compensation packages front and center.  Between the Great Resignation and a tumultuous global economy, a combination of macro and micro factors has made compensation a key strategic issue for companies around the world. One thing is for sure: For all the technological innovations benefiting modern businesses, companies can’t hit their financial and strategic objectives without great people and the talent they bring…

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A modern approach to managing payroll: Payroll Hub - Payroll-Hub-Lobby-image.png

Payroll Hub: a modern approach to managing payroll

We recently launched Payroll Hub, a centralized dashboard for managing your payroll in Bob. Payroll Hub provides a simplified, secure, and efficient connection between Bob and most payroll systems. Instead of creating a built-in payroll system like many other HR platforms, we took a different route. As a modern HR platform built for mid-sized, multinational companies, we understand that payroll is an essential part of the employee experience and that there is no one payroll that fits all.

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Compensation management

Why you should manage compensation using HR Tech

Managing compensation is a complicated task. It’s an essential part of administering and ensuring equitable pay, meeting employee expectations and maintaining organizational fiscal responsibility. Using HR Tech, HR teams can manage, find, and leverage HR data in a fraction of the time it takes when that data is stowed away in a spreadsheet.

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Performance and compensation guide HiBob

Performance and compensation, should they be connected?

When building a compensation strategy or updating an existing one based on organizational growth, it’s imperative to consider how compensation connects to performance, and how that connection can inspire your employees to drive the organization forward.

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benefits programs HiBob

The ultimate guide to what people really want

Foreword When even the supermarkets are sending us personalized offers, people expect at least as much from their employers. Every year UK businesses spend billions of pounds on benefits.The keyword in there being ‘benefit’... the stuff you spend all that money on to look after your staff! Much to our concern, our research tells us only 1 in 3 employees understands and actually uses their benefits often. What does this mean? Billions of pounds are being wasted on benefits that fail to resonate, offering little upside to anyone other than…

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