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Supporting a global workforce: How HiBob uses Bob

Like most of our over 3,000 customers, we’re a multi-national organization. We have offices in New York, London, Amsterdam, Sydney, Tel Aviv, Berlin, and Lisbon. We currently employ 700+ Bobbers who work according to a hybrid working model, combining working from the office and home or fully remote from other areas around the globe. We use Bob for the day-to-day management of our international teams throughout the employee lifecycle, from preboarding to offboarding and everything in between.

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employee empowerment

The key to global employee empowerment

With many global businesses now embracing a remote model, managers simply no longer have a choice but to enable and empower their employees. By embracing those changes, and putting a renewed focus on the employee experience in your management style, you can help drive your organization’s success.

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HR guide in uncertain times: How to keep your people motivated - How-to-keep-your-people-motivated_Lobby-image.png

HR guide in uncertain times: How to keep your people motivated

This guide will explore proven approaches to inspiring motivation through culture and management and ways to create a workplace that lends itself to this goal. We’ll also dive into proven motivation-building techniques that can help you through these challenging times and address technology's role in supporting this.

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A guide for bridging the global gap - Bridging-the-global-gap_lobby-image.png

A guide for bridging the global gap

What ties us to our coworkers isn’t shared desk space: it’s a shared mission. With teammates spread across a city, country, and even the globe, we’re faced with new communication challenges. How do we adapt and bridge the gap?

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hr role in crisis management

How HR can communicate with employees during a crisis

When a crisis hits, it’s imperative to protect business systems, processes, and profits. But the most important asset to protect is your people.

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Forging a feedback culture

Stop waiting, start asking: Forging a feedback culture

Unless you’ve been living the exception, “The Great Re-Evaluation” continues to pose some critical challenges to organizations wondering how to stem the tide and ensure they keep their talent close and committed. Many are focused on how to create a clear and compelling cultural narrative, doubling down on themes like how to become more adaptive and innovative.

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Employee experience vs. work experience

The modern HR leader’s guide to employee experience vs. work experience

As you examine employee experience and work experience, it’s essential to understand the distinctions between the two.

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Why companies should care about the strategic impact of employee experience - Why-companies-should-care-about-the-strategic-impact-of-employee-experience-lobby-image.png

Why companies should care about the strategic impact of employee experience

Employee experience and engagement are two of the hottest topics in HR. Learn how improving them can improve your company's strategy for success.

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An HR guide for creating a code of conduct - An-HR-guide-for-creating-a-code-of-conduct-lobby-image.png

An HR guide for creating a code of conduct

In this guide, we'll cover why your company needs a code of conduct as a single source of truth for vision and ethics, and how you can create one.

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workplace stress prevention HiBob

A look at workplace stress prevention and cures

Preventing employee stress helps reduce absenteeism, improve retention, and create a happier, healthier work environment.

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