Full-stack compensation strategy

How to attract and retain top talent using a full-stack compensation strategy

Introduction Companies today are suddenly thinking very differently about compensation. If they want to succeed, they need to adopt a people-centric culture and recruitment strategy that puts competitive compensation packages front and center.  Between the Great Resignation and a tumultuous global economy, a combination of macro and micro factors has made compensation a key strategic issue for companies around the world. One thing is for sure: For all the technological innovations benefiting modern businesses, companies can’t hit their financial and strategic objectives without great people and the talent they bring…

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A guide to creating the ideal HR tech stack - Reviewing-the-HR-tech-stack_-lobby-image.png

A guide to creating the ideal HR tech stack

For two years, the pandemic has dominated the news, the business world, and almost every area of life. Now, people and organizations are looking beyond to what’s coming next. And that includes HR professionals. So, what does the future hold? We expect several key changes to become even more entrenched in the coming years: The career progression of people from under-represented backgrounds tends to stall in mid-level and senior leadership roles. With 36 percent of HR leaders lacking accountability tools for DE&I outcomes, it’s incredibly difficult to track and effect…

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Manager empowerment guide

How Bob impacts employee experience by empowering managers

Bob is an HR platform designed for everyone in an organization—from HR and managers to employees. Bob has modules for managing workplace processes—from core HR to payroll, while also being the single source of truth for people data—offering actionable insights that help companies make data-driven decisions for their people.

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How modern HR tech solves HR’s biggest challenges

A time of change: How modern HR tech solves HR’s biggest challenges

In this guide, we’ll explore why it’s essential to have access to centralized HR tools and resources and how HR technology will enable your business to flex and successfully adapt to today’s ever-changing work environment.

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HR platform vs. point solutions

The great debate: HR platform vs. HR point solutions

The last few years have seen a shift in how companies manage their people. Traditional HR was always an admin-heavy role, responsible for finding, screening, recruiting, and training job applicants while also taking care of their compensation and benefits. But lately, this function has evolved into so much more. Many modern companies have upskilled their traditional HR team to a people-first team, tasked with developing and implementing strategies that emphasize employee experience and company culture while also creating plans for employee recognition and growth. In line with their new function,…

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Measuring Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Driving diversity: How to evaluate key DEI&B metrics

To build a more diverse and inclusive workplace, organizations must track key DEI&B metrics. Standing for diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging, DEI&B metrics offer companies a way to measure the state of diversity and inclusion within their organization, as well as the success of DEI&B initiatives. This guide provides a comprehensive look into DEI&B metrics–what they are, why they matter, how to use them, and how to take action after you’ve collected them.

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Strategies for HR leaders: Acing pandemic waves and peaks - Strategies-for-HR-leaders_-Acing-pandemic-waves-and-peaks-lobby-image-1.png

Strategies for HR leaders: Acing pandemic waves and peaks

The COVID pandemic put a spin on every aspect of our existence. As caretakers of all things employment-related, HR professionals now have to navigate not only the spin created in their own lives but also the pandemic experiences of their organizations. “I didn’t need COVID to appreciate the importance of the HR professional,” Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer Inc., told the Society for Human Resource Management. “HR is one of the most critical functions in a corporation, and I’ve always believed that.” While Bourla may have valued HR and seen…

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Top 5 HR goals for 2022 - 2022-top-5-HR-goals-main-image.png

Top 5 HR goals for 2022

The last two years have brought more than their share of challenges to the workplace, and HR has grappled with shifts in work trends driven by the response to the pandemic. With the widespread adoption of remote work and hybrid work for the long term, HR is at the crux of logistical challenges as organizations transition to managing dispersed teams online. HR teams are looking for ways to gather input from people, manage onboarding and offboarding from a distance, and support managers as they continue to manage their teams remotely—all…

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Payroll Hub guide lobby image

Payroll Hub: a modern approach to managing payroll

We recently launched Payroll Hub, a centralized dashboard for managing your payroll in Bob. Payroll Hub provides a simplified, secure, and efficient connection between Bob and most payroll systems. Instead of creating a built-in payroll system like many other HR platforms, we took a different route. As a modern HR platform built for mid-sized, multinational companies, we understand that payroll is an essential part of the employee experience and that there is no one payroll that fits all.

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Swing into 2022 with these back to office strategies - Swing-into-2022-with-these-back-to-office-strategies-lobby-image.png

Swing into 2022 with these back to office strategies

Introduction In 2020, the top concern of HR leaders around the world was how to transition their workforce to a remote operation. The dire circumstances of the pandemic forced all of us to quickly rethink how and where work gets done. Individual contributors, managers, teams, and leaders all had to make significant adjustments. For people who relied on in-person work arrangements, it was pretty tricky. “Often the reluctance to allow remote work has to do with a quite outdated concept of how managers need to manage—for instance, you need to…

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HR doesn’t “partner” with the business. HR is part of the business. - HR-doesnt-partner-with-the-business-lobby-image.png

HR doesn’t “partner” with the business. HR is part of the business.

In 1998, HBR described the role of Human Resources (HR) as follows:   "In most companies today, HR is sanctioned mainly to play policy police and regulatory watchdog. It handles the paperwork involved in hiring and firing, manages the bureaucratic aspects of benefits, and administers compensation decisions made by others ... But the fact remains: the activities of HR appear to be—and often are—disconnected from the real work of the organization. The new agenda, however, would mean that every one of HR’s activities would in some concrete way help the company…

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Why companies should care about the strategic impact of employee experience - Why-companies-should-care-about-the-strategic-impact-of-employee-experience-lobby-image.png

Why companies should care about the strategic impact of employee experience

Employee experience and engagement are two of the hottest topics in HR. Learn how improving them can improve your company's strategy for success.

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Measure and manage these 7 HR KPIs for productivity - Measure-and-manage-these-7-HR-KPIs-FOR-PRODUCTIVITY-lobby-image.png

Measure and manage these 7 HR KPIs for productivity

In this guide, we’ll examine seven data points HR leaders can measure to inform organizational decisions and insights regarding overall productivity.

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Meeting organizational goals: HR tech for the C-suite - Meeting-organizational-goals_-HR-tech-for-the-C-Suite-lobby-image-1.png

Meeting organizational goals: HR tech for the C-Suite

With the help of HR technology, the C-Suite can address key areas to tackle the nine imperatives required for their organization’s success.

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The connection between onboarding and performance - The-connection-between-onboarding-and-performance-lobby-image.png

The connection between onboarding and performance

How can organizations avoid costly turnover? Knowing the signs of ineffective onboarding and understanding the relationship between onboarding and performance are the first steps.

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