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Navigating the workforce planning process

Workforce planning may seem like a difficult task, given the recent unexpected and unprecedented global challenges. Planning can feel like it requires nothing short of a crystal ball. However, in times of uncertainty, strategizing and planning for your future workforce is even more important. In fact, a recent survey found that 33% of executives report they are planning to spend more on workforce planning over the next year.

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An HR guide for planning remote learning and development - An-HR-guide-for-planning-remote-learning-and-development-lobby-image.png

An HR guide for planning remote learning and development

With a thoughtful approach, a virtual L&D program becomes an investment that will ultimately help your company navigate difficult times and allow the organization to adapt to the changing nature of work successfully.

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The greatest guide to getting your people motivated - The-greatest-guide-to-getting-your-people-motivated-lobby-image.png

The greatest guide to getting your people motivated

This guide explores proven approaches to inspiring motivation through culture and management and ways to create a workplace that lends itself to this goal.

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How you should market your employer brand

Company branding doesn't stop at products. Employer branding—how employees and potential future hires perceive your company—is a valuable brand asset that deserves as much thoughtfulness as your products.

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growing leaders from within Hibob

Spotting and growing leaders

Why great leadership is so significant to your company While your company may be in growth mode, today’s global workforce is afflicted with declining productivity. Companies are constantly struggling with disengaged employees and poor retention, and we’re seeing increasing investment in wellbeing and a renewed focus on work-life balance to combat this. Poor leadership will make or break your company’s employee engagement, wellbeing, and performance. Business leaders and HR managers, both in enterprise and in growing start-ups, acknowledge the significant role successful leaders and managers play in inspiring greatness in…

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