The guide to addressing cultural safety for employees

Cultural safety in the modern workplace involves both psychological and physical security, as well as…

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Performance management templates

Performance management templates for easy and effective cycles

Performance management, when done right, can help employees become more productive, develop new skills, and…

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Performance Management Strategy

An HR Guide to developing performance management strategy

Performance management can improve employee engagement—and happier more engaged employees are more productive employees. Performance…

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Compensation management

Why you should manage compensation using HR Tech

Managing compensation is a complicated task. It’s an essential part of administering and ensuring equitable…

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Performance and compensation guide HiBob

Performance and compensation, should they be connected?

When building a compensation strategy or updating an existing one based on organizational growth, it’s…

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The guide to addressing cultural safety for HR leaders

The guide to addressing cultural safety for HR leaders

The pillars of cultural safety: 1. What does cultural safety mean? 2. Existing laws protecting…

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Survey template for back to the office - Back-to-the-office-survey-main-image-2.png

Survey template for back to the office

Back-to-the-office survey template Support your people and help them feel more comfortable by using survey…

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hr role in crisis management

How HR can communicate with employees during a crisis

When a crisis hits, it’s imperative to protect business systems, processes, and profits. But the…

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back to the office guide for HR HiBob

Back to the office guide

Combating the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. Each of us should do our…

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5 ways HiBob uses Bob to manage a remote workforce - 5-ways-Hibob-uses-bob-to-manage-a-remote-workforce-main-image-1-1.png

5 ways HiBob uses Bob to manage a remote workforce

We went fully remote in one weekend. When we left work on Friday afternoon there…

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workplace stress prevention HiBob

A look at workplace stress prevention and cures

Preventing employee stress helps reduce absenteeism, improve retention, and create a happier, healthier work environment.

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The new world of  remote performance reviews - The-new-world-of-remote-performance-reviews-lobby-image.png

The new world of remote performance reviews

Workplace practices and employee needs are evolving. HR professionals are taking the lead in building…

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Non binary gender inclusion guide HiBob

HR leaders guide for non-binary gender inclusion

While acceptance of trans individuals is improving, both in legislative and cultural spheres, non-binary individuals…

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Remote termination HiBob

The letting-go guide for remote people managers

A painful reality of managing is parting ways with employees. Sometimes, due to circumstances out…

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Work from home HiBob

How COVID-19 is changing the way we work

How to pivot your team to work from home ASAP COVID-19, Coronavirus...whatever you want to…

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