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HiBob named in FinTech 250

HiBob has been named in the CB Insights FinTech 250. The list, which recognizes the top 250 disruptive global start-ups that are transforming financial services, is chosen from a pool of almost 4,000 applicants and nominees. The award places HiBob as one of the top 7% of companies in the field. The award is a fantastic reflection of HiBob’s success in the FinTech space since we were founded just three years ago. We have expanded rapidly with hundreds of companies using our innovative platform to modernize people management and drive…

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7 Best ways to boost employer branding

Companies with positive reputations get more job applications from top-notch candidates and hold on to their best and brightest people, who tend to be more productive and save their organizations money over the long term. A strong employer brand also creates its own momentum, since happier, more productive employees become their employers’ good will ambassadors, a powerfully effective way to promote your company. But getting employer branding right is based on planning and putting certain proven strategies into place: Know yourself: The first step to successfully branding your company is…

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12 HR Blogs You Simply Must Bookmark - blur-close-up-fluke-angel-therapy-53195.jpg

12 HR Blogs You Simply Must Bookmark

What’s the next big HR tech trend? How can you more effectively communicate with your CEO? What’s the best way to recruit and hold on to new people? For the HR pro, good, timely advice can be more precious than gold. The good news is that pretty much any question you may have about the people management space has been answered. The trick is to know where to look. Bob’s scoured the Internet and consulted with its own team of people management experts to put together this list, the 12…

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Six Skills You Need to Strike from Your CV - graphs-job-laptop-scaled.jpg

Six Skills You Need to Strike from Your CV

The future of work is here. Most HR pros know which skills people must have to survive and thrive in this hypercompetitive working world. We all need good emotional intelligence, to adapt to new technologies, to work well in different cultural settings, and to be able to effectively solve complex problems – either alone or in a group. But what about the talents you shouldn’t waste time emphasizing? If you don’t want to wake up one day and realize you’ve become redundant, check out these skills that are no longer…

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Can’t Get and Keep the Best and Brightest? Time to Talk About Your Brand - collaborate-collaboration-company-6224.jpg

Can’t Get and Keep the Best and Brightest? Time to Talk About Your Brand

Once upon a time, ‘employer branding’ was not much more than a buzzword. But companies today understand that to stay competitive and get the best talent on the market, coming up with a compelling employer brand is key. The reason for this is the rapidly changing workforce. The rise of the gig economy; putting talent ahead of length of employment; and the focus on quickly wracking up diverse career experiences are trends that are fuelling the growth of a global job market. As a result, it’s harder to attract and…

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Why Monetising Your Employees’ Wellbeing is a Good Business Strategy - pexels-photo-374632.jpeg

Why Monetising Your Employees’ Wellbeing is a Good Business Strategy

“There is no evidence to show any conflict between economic growth and happiness. And indeed, quite the reverse,” said Professor Sir Angus Deaton, winner of the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2015, during a keynote speech at the Business Leaders Summit in Davos, Switzerland, in January. Gone are the days when feeling good about where you worked was little more than a wishful aspiration. Traditional measurements for “being good at your job” - working long hours, being connected to the phone and constantly feeling overwhelmed - are fast falling by…

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Be My Valentine? The Responsible Way to Date Your Coworker - cup-of-coffee-scaled.jpeg

Be My Valentine? The Responsible Way to Date Your Coworker

The season of love is upon us. So as Cupid prepares to draw back his bow, now's a good time to have an open, honest chat about the dos and don'ts of getting involved in an office romance. While the office hookup is as old as work, the #MeToo movement has shined a bright light on the issue of sexual harassment in the workplace. As a result, interoffice romantic relationships have hit a 10-year low, according to CareerBuilder's Annual Valentine's Day survey. In 2008, 40 percent of respondents admitted to…

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3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have - pexels-photo-669013.jpeg

3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have

It’s review time; time to talk about your performance over the last month, quarter or (heaven forbid) year. Even if you have hit all your goals and are feeling good about your work, the idea of a performance review might still be leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling. It doesn’t matter what side of the table you’re sitting on, and you probably sit on both - as a manager and a team member, performance conversations aren’t that fun. Additionally, mishandled performance conversations can negatively impact your team and lead to…

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Careers are Changing: What Should Companies Do to Adapt? - SCO.jpeg

Careers are Changing: What Should Companies Do to Adapt?

When I was growing up, my concept of work was based on roles I was exposed to in my daily life: doctors, emergency workers or shop assistants. Even when I got older and better understood the breadth and depth of business and the roles within it, I still never imagined that I would be a  ‘growth manager’ today. To be fair, that’s probably something that didn’t exist five years ago; technology has completely changed the way companies recruit and the way people build and manage their careers. Now that people…

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Retaining new parents – why and how? - woman-in-corridor.jpeg

Retaining new parents – why and how?

Many new businesses start with great intentions, to create an innovative service or product and flexible and inclusive culture that attracts and keeps great talent. But marrying the two can be a challenge when HR budgets are slim and set up costs focus on output and delivery rather than internal policies and procedures. Hoping that your business will naturally grow with your employees and meet their changing needs as they arise is not the best plan for success. Unless you have a good understanding of what it means to become…

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Announcing $17.5 Series A Investment - series-A-anouncement-e1493038066573.jpg

Announcing $17.5 Series A Investment

ENTERING NEW MARKETS & TRANSFORMING THE WAY BUSINESSES ENGAGE WITH EMPLOYEES We’re excited to announce that hiBob has just raised $17.5 million in series A funding. This latest investment round is led by the US-based Battery Ventures with additional participation from Eight Roads Ventures (the proprietary investment arm of Fidelity International Limited) and Arbor Ventures, as well as Bessemer Venture Partners, who led our seed round of $7.5 Million in June 2016. Today’s series A announcement, one of the largest of its kind in the UK, brings our total funding…

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Bob makes the RealBusiness Future 50 - pexels-photo-346885.jpeg

Bob makes the RealBusiness Future 50

"Entrepreneurs not afraid to change the way we look at things and build incredibly disruptive UK companies" We just got the news that Bob has made the RealBusiness Future 50 - The list of the most disruptive companies of the year for 2017. About Future 50 RealBusiness describes the Future 50 like this: "Each year, our Future 50 ranking gives the young players a chance to shine. Its class of disruptive UK businesses is now 300-strong and includes startup ventures that have gone on to become household names". In great…

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Bob partners with Aviva to offer pensions auto-enrolment - AdobeStock_70418405-01.png

Bob partners with Aviva to offer pensions auto-enrolment

HIGH-TECH Collaboration aims to help SMEs get to grips with auto-enrolment in just 15 minutes Aviva, the UK’s largest insurer, has teamed up with HR and insurance tech start-up Bob to help small and medium-sized companies set up their workplace pension schemes. The Bob platform, which launched in June 2016, simplifies the pension auto-enrolment process by enabling companies to automatically use their employee information, assess eligibility, plan costs and then feed directly into Aviva’s online system. From there, a small business owner or their business adviser can complete the auto-enrolment…

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Bob wins the most promising company of the year award - awards-crop.jpg

Bob wins the most promising company of the year award

Bob was one of the most fortunate UK-Israeli businesses at the 2017 Annual British Israeli Business Awards held on 21st of February. These awards recognise companies which have executed significant transactions or made significant investments between the two countries, providing an opportunity to celebrate bilateral trade. Impressive shortlist The other companies in the 2017 shortlist for Most Promising Company of the Year were Currency Transfer, a global payment platform helping SME's and Private Clients; and Shareagain, a new fintech venture aiming to open up the global securities lending market to private investors. But Bob…

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Do you ‘like’? Social Media & HRTech at Work - iStock-539815044-Valencia-Blog-1.jpg

Do you ‘like’? Social Media & HRTech at Work

This article from guest author, Marian Bloodworth, is part of a series of posts on digital HR & the human connection - an exploration of the issues & trends around online HR tools, social media channels, and the desire for a positive culture in the workplace. Businesses are increasingly using social media platforms and HR technology at work - especially those organisations keen to see greater employee engagement through increased levels of connectivity. For employees used to managing their personal lives via social media and technology, it makes perfect sense.…

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