Most people leaders know that common HR workflows require many stages and sets of eyes when it comes to approvals and updates. Quite frankly, it’s a major pain in the admin. Adapting to the future workplace requires adopting technology that streamlines projects and keeps their progress aligned. If we hone in on the HR landscape, we can see that it’s transformation is in full effect and should be met with the proper tools that modernize the HR job role, as well as the entire field. 

Why not take advantage of an automation tool that could make your daily routine easier? Especially as workflows are no longer perceived and presented on paper as a tedious list of “things to do.” Instead, they set a chain of reactions into effect. An HR Workflow tool is a worthwhile investment to make. It’s automated, instantaneous, and a total time-saver for everyone involved. 

Automated tools help you with the hardships you might come across and helps you enjoy the benefits of your job. You know – so you can do what you love! These modern methods of process approval ensure no steps in an information change are forgotten and are 100% positive that the intended people enter data, and the right people approve the change. Looking to save time and increase efficiency? Then an automated workflow tool is just what you need for optimal flexibility, so you can support your growing and changing company. 

Meet Custom Flows, our new feature that streamlines the process of making employee changes and takes care of admin tasks, so you can focus on the bigger picture stress-free. bob’s new flexible flow structure supports you as your organization grows or changes and can be tailored to your specific needs.

How does it work?

Custom Flows are dynamic and help you stay on top of your company’s rapidly-changing work landscape. With Flows, create as many processes as you need using custom fields with or without approvers (your choice!) and track each stage of any process on a dashboard. You can delegate the initiation of a new process to managers, select specific fields they need to fill out, set an approval process, and it triggers To-Dos. It’s a cinch for changes such as internal mobility or compensation updates! 

Flows can be created specifically for a team or site so you can designate which of your people needs to be involved in any flow. It moves like a swift domino effect. Approving department changes, promotions, and direct requests move like a domino effect; each flow sends the change to the next manager after one approval is made, all without a single speedbump to slow down the process:

  • Always aligned: Everyone can stay on the same page of a singular process by notifying all parties automatically when changes are made. 
  • Always accurate: Save admin time by avoiding the mistakes often made between traditional workflow processes and their changes. 
  • Always trackable: Keeping an eye on approvers, requesters, and admins and check the progress bar to see completed flow activities in case you need to fix one that seems delayed. 
  • Always efficient: Automating your flow activities makes delegating easier, gathering the information you need more quickly and therefore, enabling swift decision-making.

Investing in automated workflow tools should be a financial and professional priority for companies looking to grow their business. Your people deserve to be seen and approached through the use of a tool that allows management of changes to employee information in the HRIS. To see more information and learn about bob Custom Flows, click here. Custom flows for employee changes is available on the bob platform, with Leave, Termination, and New Hire in the pipeline. Happy flowing!

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From Stephanie Stevens

Stephanie is Content Marketer at Hibob. She has a background in Clinical Psychology and Crisis Management, and enjoys abstract painting and watching horror films in her spare time. She believes that people can connect with themselves, their peers, and the world around them through creative writing, helping them foster a deeper sense of self and their life goals in the process.