Love in the workplace: it’s not just about romance - brooke-cagle-uHVRvDr7pg-unsplash-1.jpg

Love in the workplace: it’s not just about romance

Love isn’t always romantic, especially in the office. There are five love languages that help shape the connections we share with other people, both romantically and platonically.  There are various types of love that you’ll find in the modern office setting. The work world’s cupid is still fluttering around and without a doubt has many colorful arrows in his arsenal, but each one is embedded with a certain emotion that transcends standard relationship labels.  While HR should always remain aware and monitor the interactions between their people, they can help…

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Better onboarding ahead

Using technology, HR can make a great impact on onboarding people

Most companies today are welcoming new hires without a strategic onboarding plan in place. Those that are in place typically lack engagement and excitement, along with clarity. They also have the same onboarding process for any new hires with no personalization. To put it simply, the onboarding process needs a reboot. A great onboarding experience is one that impacts other areas of the company and the components that drive its success - company culture, employer branding, workplace happiness, productivity, and employee motivation are all included. So, how do we amplify…

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This time, it’s HR giving Glassdoor the bad review - you-x-ventures-LR5CYw3AQNo-unsplash.jpg

This time, it’s HR giving Glassdoor the bad review

Employer branding can make or break your recruitment strategy. The company branding itself can be widely contingent upon social media presence and the reviews that past and present employees give you online. Before inking a new job offer, one-in-five candidates surf the internet to gauge a company’s public perception, and if the culture doesn’t look promising, they decline. That’s why internet sites like Glassdoor are so pertinent to positive employer branding and how companies are being portrayed online - they either deter or attract talent.  Glassdoor can be a place…

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69% of Candidates Reconsider Job Offers if The Company Culture Looks Toxic - adeolu-eletu-DqWEAOHsAvc-unsplash.jpg

69% of Candidates Reconsider Job Offers if The Company Culture Looks Toxic

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty invested in employee experiences and showing corporate culture how to step into the new world of work. Company culture can make or break the organizational success of your business and we’ve got the stats to back it up, confirming that overworked employees are the largest turn-offs for potential new hires.  On behalf of us - HiBob! -  we conducted a new national survey through Pollfish. We surveyed 1,000 employees age 18 and up in the United States to find out what your potential…

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HR needs a makeover: Tips for rebranding the role - photo-1497030947858-3f40f1508e84-e1566725495205.jpeg

HR needs a makeover: Tips for rebranding the role

Rebranding isn’t just for marketing anymore. As the nature of work itself constantly innovates and changes, it’s time for the HR role to catch up. HR is often described as antiquated, outdated, or out of touch. In fact, “I hate HR” is a frequent search term on Google and Reddit.  According to an international survey, only 17% of executives view HR departments as able to measurably prove their value to the business. Anonymous surveys and feedback check-ins are a great way to gain an understanding of how people view your…

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How You Can Connect with New College Graduates - pang-yuhao-_kd5cxwZOK4-unsplash.jpg

How You Can Connect with New College Graduates

Seniors across the United States are eagerly searching for their first post-college jobs. No doubt that leaving campus life behind without a job lined up has caused many college students to feel anxious about their future. This time of year is also when organizations are under pressure to find and attract top new recruits. The competition over the best candidates is fierce. LinkedIn and other online employment-oriented services have made it possible for recent graduates to effectively share their resumes with the world. As a result, it’s become more and…

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Beyond Pride Month: How HR Can Promote Inclusivity Year-Round - PrideBlog-e1560177021891.jpeg

Beyond Pride Month: How HR Can Promote Inclusivity Year-Round

June is Pride Month. Parades are marching with jubilance, art exhibitions are opening their doors, and every public establishment with a street view window is donning a rainbow flag. The importance of LGBTQIA+ representation is finally being addressed socially, but the need for workplace inclusivity remains prevalent in office environments. Increasing workplace LGBTQIA+ visibility and acceptance is vital. Why? Because it has a categorical effect on the way we network, grow, and succeed as a forward-thinking society. As of 2016, 40% of LGBTQIA+ employees said they had been bullied at…

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No More Sunday Scaries: HR’s Role in Addressing Workplace Anxiety - claire-k-1511923-unsplash.jpg

No More Sunday Scaries: HR’s Role in Addressing Workplace Anxiety

Based on recent research, work-related anxiety has grown to epidemic proportions. A LinkedIn survey finds that 80% of people get stressed about work even before a new work week begins, a phenomenon known as the “Sunday scaries.” Most people occasionally feel anxious at work. Hard deadlines, upcoming presentations, personnel changes, and office politics can contribute to heightened stress levels at certain points in time. But if some of your people feel anxious routinely, that’s when HR’s alarm bells should be going off. To ensure that your team members are maximizing…

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Announcing our $20M funding round - LI_ProfileCover_1584x396-Copy-2-1.png

Announcing our $20M funding round

I’m beyond thrilled to announce HiBob’s latest round of funding to support our next phase of hyper-growth, accelerate our US presence, expand to more countries across Europe and hire more tech talent. HiBob received $20 million in Series A+ funding from our existing investors: Bessemer Venture Partners, Battery Ventures, Fidelity Ventures, Eight Roads, Arbor Ventures, and Presidio Ventures. This investment is an extension of our company’s Series A, announced in April of 2017. HiBob was founded in late 2015 with a mission to create the first HR platform built for…

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Best Ways to Use Slack’s Integration with Bob - bob-perkbox_blog-copy.png

Best Ways to Use Slack’s Integration with Bob

We all know how helpful Slack is for collaboration and Bob is for HR, but what about when Slack and Bob combine their powers for the greater good? To celebrate Bob’s integration with Slack, we decided to share our tips for the top 4 ways Bob saves the day when it comes to workplace communication and productivity. 1. When you have no idea where your coworkers are... Whether they’re taking a personal day, holiday, out sick, or working from home, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your…

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Partners in Perks: Announcing Our Partnership with Perkbox - rawpixel-668346-unsplash-1.jpg

Partners in Perks: Announcing Our Partnership with Perkbox

It’s no secret that one of the biggest concerns for HR professionals and business owners today is retention. We decided to delve into this topic a bit further to understand what’s really at the heart of the issue and the best way to tackle it. Our recent benefits survey of over 4000 employees and 500 decision makers, taught us that: 72% of employers feel benefits are crucial for talent retention - but only ⅓ offer more than minimum benefits 80% of employers see retention as a primary concern 41% of…

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HiBob named in FinTech 250 - cb-insights.png

HiBob named in FinTech 250

HiBob has been named in the CB Insights FinTech 250. The list, which recognizes the top 250 disruptive global start-ups that are transforming financial services, is chosen from a pool of almost 4,000 applicants and nominees. The award places HiBob as one of the top 7% of companies in the field. The award is a fantastic reflection of HiBob’s success in the FinTech space since we were founded just three years ago. We have expanded rapidly with hundreds of companies using our innovative platform to modernize people management and drive…

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7 Best ways to boost employer branding - adult-attractive-beautiful-935743.jpg

7 Best ways to boost employer branding

Companies with positive reputations get more job applications from top-notch candidates and hold on to their best and brightest people, who tend to be more productive and save their organizations money over the long term. A strong employer brand also creates its own momentum, since happier, more productive employees become their employers’ good will ambassadors, a powerfully effective way to promote your company. But getting employer branding right is based on planning and putting certain proven strategies into place: Know yourself: The first step to successfully branding your company is…

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12 HR Blogs You Simply Must Bookmark - blur-close-up-fluke-angel-therapy-53195.jpg

12 HR Blogs You Simply Must Bookmark

What’s the next big HR tech trend? How can you more effectively communicate with your CEO? What’s the best way to recruit and hold on to new people? For the HR pro, good, timely advice can be more precious than gold. The good news is that pretty much any question you may have about the people management space has been answered. The trick is to know where to look. Bob’s scoured the Internet and consulted with its own team of people management experts to put together this list, the 12…

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Six Skills You Need to Strike from Your CV - graphs-job-laptop-scaled.jpg

Six Skills You Need to Strike from Your CV

The future of work is here. Most HR pros know which skills people must have to survive and thrive in this hypercompetitive working world. We all need good emotional intelligence, to adapt to new technologies, to work well in different cultural settings, and to be able to effectively solve complex problems – either alone or in a group. But what about the talents you shouldn’t waste time emphasizing? If you don’t want to wake up one day and realize you’ve become redundant, check out these skills that are no longer…

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