Incorporating AI into HR Practices

Prepare for the future of work: Incorporate AI into HR practices

With the rise of AI, it’s important for all to bear in mind that customers…

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How To Help Gen Z Leaders Succeed

4 ways to develop leadership skills in Gen Z managers

The first thing HR leaders can do to give Gen Z managers a boost is…

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10 Succession Planning Metrics You Need To Track

10 trackable succession planning metrics for any organization

Keeping promotions and talent in-house reduces the costs associated with recruiting and hiring talent externally.

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Why Skills Management Is Core Business Strategy

Why skills management is at the heart of modern business success

HR leaders must make the case for learning and development programs, proving ROI and demonstrating…

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5 Ways To Empower Women In The Workplace In 2024

Shaping equality: 5 ways to empower women in the workplace in 2024

This International Women's Day is the perfect time to reboot and re-assess our strategic approach…

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Say Hi to the HiBob brand evolution - HiBob-brand-evolution_Lobby-image.png

Say Hi to the HiBob brand evolution

Today, I’m excited to unveil the next chapter in our journey, including a brand new…

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HR Tech: The Key To Achieving Pay Equity

HR tech: The key to achieving pay equity

HR leaders have the power to clarify the difference between pay equity and transparency for…

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Optimizing Your Employee Benefits

Employee benefits: How to get the most out of your compensation packages

Some benefits might look great on paper, but your people might not need or use…

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Talking Compensation lobby image

How Bob helps you create a compensation strategy to attract and retain top talent

Companies worldwide have made compensation discussions a top priority, due in part to a rising…

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Growth, DE&I, and culture: Bob helps Gen Z get what they want - Gen-Z-L300-Blog_Lobby-image.png

Growth, DE&I, and culture: Bob helps Gen Z get what they want

Bob makes managing Gen Z employees simpler. Totally customizable, it’s bursting with features and people…

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7 Global HR Trends For 2024: Shaping Tomorrow's Workforce

Global HR trends for 2024: Acing influential HR

These seven pivotal trends that are set to define influential HR practices in 2024.

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Glad you’re here: Welcoming Pento to the HiBob village - Pento-x-HiBob_Blog_Lobby.png

Glad you’re here: Welcoming Pento to the HiBob village

When we founded HiBob in late 2015, we had a vision of changing the modern…

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To give, or not to give? Navigating the merit increase dilemma. - Merit-pay_Lobby-image.png

To give, or not to give? Navigating the merit pay dilemma.

To better understand how to approach merit increases or freezes, it’s worth looking at some…

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The Gen Z explainer: how well do you know your A to Gen Z? - L-300-Blog-Website-header-image-763x325-option4.jpg

The Gen Z explainer: how well do you know your A to Gen Z?

With the presence of Gen Z in the workplace growing at speed, it’s clear we’re…

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Digital Employee Experience: Strategies, Software & Transformation

Decoding digital employee experience: Strategies and solutions

Create a digital experience that engages your people and helps them perform at their best.

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