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Best Ways to Use Slack’s Integration with bob

We all know how helpful Slack is for collaboration and bob is for HR, but what about when Slack and bob combine their powers for the greater good? To celebrate bob’s integration with Slack, we decided to share our tips for the top 4 ways bob saves the day when it comes to workplace communication and productivity. 1. When you have no idea where your coworkers are... Whether they’re taking a personal day, holiday, out sick, or working from home, it can sometimes be hard to keep track of your…

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Is ‘Loving What You Do’ an Attainable Feat? - ian-schneider-66374-unsplash.jpg

Is ‘Loving What You Do’ an Attainable Feat?

‘Love what you do’ is a popular expression, but is it attainable in today’s new era of work? A recent study by consulting firm Eagle Hill found that a whopping 71% of tech employees (and 51% of all employees) in the Washington DC Metro Area would consider leaving their current job to work for Amazon. This statistic is a cause for alarm for any manager or CEO. So, how can you compete to retain the best talent and even go one step further by getting your employees to actually love…

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Turning Your Senior Team into Your ‘First’ Team - quino-al-249660-unsplash-2.jpg

Turning Your Senior Team into Your ‘First’ Team

A recent CEO survey, conducted by Hibob, taught us that people retention, culture and work/life balance are three of the top 10 work worries keeping CEOs up at night.   Although the lack of sleep isn’t a great thing for them - from a HR perspective this a huge step forward. It tells us the importance of culture and engagement are not only being recognised by the c-suite - but they are high on their agenda. It is no longer a secret that getting your culture strategy right is just…

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Is Your Team World Class? - action-adults-athletes-1238733-1-1140x741.jpg

Is Your Team World Class?

We all understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the workplace - and - if you read this blog - you’ll understand how to establish and maintain a high performing team. But how do we take our teams from performing well, to being world class? With the Six Nations tournament sweeping rugby fever across the country, it didn’t take me long to start looking at successful sports teams for inspiration! Corporate teams have multiple measures for success: productivity, ROI, OKRs etc, but sports teams tend to have just one…

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Turning the Knowledge of What Makes a Great Team into a Reality - backlit-clouds-dusk-853168-2.jpg

Turning the Knowledge of What Makes a Great Team into a Reality

With the six nations rugby tournament kicking off this weekend - the beauty of teamwork is about to be praised, scathed and critiqued by every media outlet and every armchair commentator across all six of those nations involved. And all of those opinions (professional and otherwise) will have one common factor -  teamwork is essential to success! So what can corporate teams learn from the world-class players out there representing their countries? The truth is - high performing sports teams use all the same tactics that we know we should…

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How HR can address the challenges posed by gig economy workers - kaylah-otto-491988-unsplash.jpg

How HR can address the challenges posed by gig economy workers

The contingent workforce, or gig economy workforce, is great for business. They provide a flexible workforce to help cover peaks, expand the business and respond to unforeseen needs.  However, the legal and tax framework for the gig economy is constantly changing. When the IR35 regime for public sector was introduced in April 2018, it increased the cost of freelance workers by an average of 10% and created a skills shortage as workers moved to the private sector.  In a recent webinar, I discussed the key things you need to do…

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Partners in Perks: Announcing Our Partnership with Perkbox

It’s no secret that one of the biggest concerns for HR professionals and business owners today is retention. We decided to delve into this topic a bit further to understand what’s really at the heart of the issue and the best way to tackle it. Our recent benefits survey of over 4000 employees and 500 decision makers, taught us that: 72% of employers feel benefits are crucial for talent retention - but only ⅓ offer more than minimum benefits 80% of employers see retention as a primary concern 41% of…

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2019: Where HR’s Going, and Where You Need to Be - sasha-stories-666097-unsplash.png

2019: Where HR’s Going, and Where You Need to Be

In 2018, one word said it all: engagement. With the rise of a millennial-driven workforce and the push for greater transparency that’s being made possible by HR digitization, an enjoyable work experience is no longer a bonus: it’s a must-have. In 2019, engagement will evolve and expand into employee experience. In the year ahead, robust and effective HR teams are likely to be those that successfully fuse engagement, culture and talent management into a workplace that chronic job hoppers will never want to leave. Here’s what your HR team can…

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Hibob Reflections and Resolutions - holiday-post-2018.jpg

Hibob Reflections and Resolutions

A message from Hibob's CEO, Ronni Zehavi “Culture eats strategy for breakfast” With thanks to Peter Drucker. As we prepare to close the chapter on 2018, it’s time to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re heading. It's been three years since we launched hiBob. We founded the company based on the simple truth that the workforce today is energized by a different set of values, and is not satisfied by the conventional norms of business. When we looked around, though, what we mostly saw were legacy HCM platforms…

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Perfecting the Candidate and Employee Experience - Screen-Shot-2018-12-05-at-11.56.18-1.png

Perfecting the Candidate and Employee Experience

Last week we were lucky to host a packed event for HR professionals in London on how to create great candidate experiences from the very first point of contact between a candidate and a company. [embed][/embed] It was a joint event sponsored by bob, Teamtailor and Talentful and featured talent experts from the tech space Ruth Penfold (VP of People at Onfido), Jessica Hayes (Group Head of Talent at McCann Worldgroup), Michael Kenway (Recruitment Manager at Box), and Anna Roe (Global Head of People at Airsorted). The panelists did a…

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REC Partners with Hibob - rawpixel-660716-unsplash.jpg

REC Partners with Hibob

The Recruitment & Employment Confederation (REC), the professional body for the UK recruitment industry, has unveiled people platform HiBob - the transformative HR management tool - as its latest business partner.As well as making HiBob’s innovative technology available to the REC’s 3,500 members, the organisation is also adopting the platform itself to manage its own HR requirements.   HiBob, which was founded just three years ago, has already won the business of more than 300 companies thanks to its unique combination of core HR capabilities and innovative benefits and engagement…

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A Modern Approach to Talent - talent-groups.png

A Modern Approach to Talent

After years of talk about the need for a shift in Performance Reviews, it’s here. We see it with our clients: from a focus on evaluation to forward-thinking discussions. Ratings are still there, but they are not the bottom line. But there’s something that has been bothering us here at bob for a while: Calibration, a key process that actually decides who gets what (raise, bonus, training etc.) hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Companies either schedule clandestine talent review meetings where managers meet to rate employees or they rely…

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Pensions Minister visits HiBob - Copy-of-HiBob_201118-7.jpg

Pensions Minister visits HiBob

Guy Opperman MP, the Minister for Pensions, has paid a visit to HiBob and taken part in a discussion with the London team on all things HR tech, the digitisation of pensions and people engagement.   Ronni Zehavi, HiBob’s CEO and co-founder, welcomed the Minister to our London offices and shared our innovative HR platform that helps fast-growing companies attract and retain the very best people. We also talked about how HiBob provides a ‘best in class’ technology platform to facilitate auto-enrolment for employees via pension providers.   The Minister…

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Hibob named in FinTech 250 - cb-insights.png

Hibob named in FinTech 250

Hibob has been named in the CB Insights FinTech 250. The list, which recognizes the top 250 disruptive global start-ups that are transforming financial services, is chosen from a pool of almost 4,000 applicants and nominees. The award places Hibob as one of the top 7% of companies in the field. The award is a fantastic reflection of Hibob’s success in the FinTech space since we were founded just three years ago. We have expanded rapidly with hundreds of companies using our innovative platform to modernize people management and drive…

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Five Tips You Can Use Today to Close a Top Candidate - black-and-white-decision-doors-277017.jpg

Five Tips You Can Use Today to Close a Top Candidate

The research is conclusive: today’s job market is 90% candidate driven. What this means is that recruiters aren’t picking talent, the talent out there is picking who to work for. Because the best-qualified people have so much leverage, the price tag for using a recruiter can be anywhere from 15 to 25% of the employee’s annual salary. And one report found that companies pay an average of over $16,000 for each job placement. With so much being invested in recruitment, is there anything recruiters can do to boost their chances…

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