Make your onboarding experience Instagrammable using our five steps to sharing success

5 steps to make your onboarding experience perfect for Instagram

We bet your company’s onboarding experience is one of a kind. In fact, it’s most likely jam-packed with unique aspects that make it perfect for public display on Instagram. There’s always room for more festivities and other “getting to know you” elements, though, and that’s what we’re here to help with!  Your new hires should have an onboarding experience to remember. Plus, the experience itself when posted online should contribute to your employer branding strategy; this means enhancing hiring efforts, drawing new recruits, and strengthening retention at a record rate.…

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WFH 101: Getting used to
remote work culture

Maybe you’ve heard about the remote work revolution. Maybe you’ve even asked your manager to let you work from home every so often. Or maybe you’ve never worked from anywhere but an office, and you’re nervous about having to work from home. Moving to a remote model is a big change. How do you replace taps on the shoulder and shared lunches? What’s it like having a team meeting over video call instead of in one room? Any kind of change comes with questions, so we’re here with answers: tips…

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How to manage a remote team

How to manage a remote team during Coronavirus

People managers, we’re in uncertain times. And your team is relying on you to take action. As more and more companies choose to have employees work from home, you’re the ones making the rules. Working from home may be as new to you as the rest of your team, but it’s up to you to take charge. That’s why we’ve put together some best practices taken from seasoned work-from-home and remote vets—so you can get adjusted quickly and help lead your team to success. What people managers can do: Schedule…

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HR tips for working from home

Imagine: starting tomorrow, your entire organization, across all sites, has to start working from home. That might not be the case—at least not yet. But as COVID-19 spreads, more and more office-based organizations are embracing WFH as the solution. Whether you have teammates under mandatory quarantine or taking care of loved ones, you want to take extra precautions, or you’ve been forced to close your offices to follow government protocol, switching to a fully- or partially-remote model isn’t simple. It is, however, doable. We’ve put together some tips for how…

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Hibob personalized onboarding experience

Say hi to our new personalized onboarding experience

At Hibob, we know that creating an engaged and committed team starts with successful onboarding and within our HR platform, bob, we believe it’s a core value and key function of the overall employee experience. We care about starting people off on the right foot and making them feel at home even before they have even entered the workplace. After all, the value of onboarding is insurmountable and is directly correlated with retention rates, as we’ve found that 64% of new hires leave after a negative onboarding process.   We hear…

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Have you noticed what HR 2020 looks like?

The world of HR: then and now

What did Human Resources look like 20 years ago? While the landscape itself is everchanging and the technology becomes more advanced yearly, there are still several aspects of the HR practice that continue to evolve daily. The way we look at and treat employees has changed, and company culture is now the term that has the most inquiries from job candidates on online review sites.  Almost every dimension of the Human Resources role has changed in the past two decades, its core functions now surpass the old expectations of just…

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CFOs and HR should rely on each other for talent management

At first glance, you might think that a CFO and HR leader are an unlikely pair. The match shouldn’t be overlooked, though. By working together, this surprising team can manage their talent at optimal levels and greater understand the needs of their fast-growing company. CFOs and HR who collaborate on talent management are known to effectively improve recruitment and hiring processes, company culture, and overall employee retention rates.  How? By…  Making data-driven decisions Data analysis performed by one department can lead to great insights, but two departments sharing their insights…

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Hibob in the news: feelin’ our February coverage

We’re back with our monthly coverage report and we’re breaking down our favorite February headlines. Looking back at the month of love has us reflecting on mental health in the workplace and politics in the office. Our CEO, Ronni Zehavi, had two thought leadership pieces published on top UK publications, and Senior Director of Marketing Ali Fazal landed on top-tier outlets in the United States. Read on to learn more about February’s best coverage and how Hibob is making a name for itself in the new world of work… that…

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HR and Marketing are the perfect pair when it comes to organizational change management

How Marketing can help HR manage change

Inside a company, HR honchos have the most important responsibility when it comes to managing change: helping their people navigate it. Without the help of HR, managing widespread organizational transformation is next to impossible. According to Gartner’s research, 66% of a company’s change factors relate directly to its people. What this means is that your HR department must take a leading role to make your company-wide change a success story, not a cautionary tale.  Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Those marketing mavens sitting a few feet from…

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HR leader of the month: Shaked Rosenberg, Training & Development Specialist at

Say hello to Shaked Rosenberg, our February HR Leader of the Month. As the Training & Development Specialist at, Shaked shares with us her experience in overseeing organizational and people growth processes, as well as the curation of company culture.  Shaked has been working at for three years. After her first six months with the company, she was promoted to HR Specialist, where she dealt with certain processes such as onboarding and compensation.  For the last year, Skaked has taken on the unique role of Training & Development…

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4 Marketing methods HR can use to improve workplace culture

We’re living in a time where knowledge-based work reigns supreme. This work is based on the unique genius of highly skilled men and women who refuse to be treated like cogs in a machine. This is why creating a strong workplace culture that encourages and embraces individuality is so important. People’s ratings of their companies are 20% higher in places with strong cultures. And culture matters to the bottom line. Research by Deloitte finds that 88% of working people, and 94% of executives, believe a strong workplace culture is crucial…

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building effective working relationships

Culture with bobbers: building workplace bonds

Ah, February. Love is in the air! Both romantic and platonic. The modern office is swarming with good vibes, as well, with swag and flowers being gifted to employees from their companies, showing how much they truly care. Work is a second home for most, and we spend much of our days getting to know the people around us. That’s why showing gratitude and kindness during this special time of the year can be crucial to keeping our work friendships alive.  We’re celebrating love and kindness this month with a…

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HRD Summit: Key Takeaways with Alyx Gilham

Last week we were at the HRD Summit, exploring how HR Leaders can harness human creativity to bring about the best in their people. The HRD Summit plays host to the most senior HR and business leaders on the globe. The 2020 Summit welcomed over 1,500 attendees. The theme for the HRD Summit 2020 was - Harnessing Human Creativity to explore the ways in which organizations can support the natural ingenuity of their people. It was amazing to see my colleagues representing Hibob on our colorful stand and to watch…

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he Benefits of Using an Employee Experience Platform

What can an employee experience platform do for your team?

HR is no longer synonymous with human capital management. In fact, modern HR professionals see their people as humans instead, without the capital attached. With people in the workplace regularly having a quitting approach, HR leaders need to create a culture that not just engages and retains people but ignites a sense of belonging amongst the company. To do this, the best possible employee experience platform is required and should be employed to the full extent of its capabilities, surpassing traditional core HR functions and overcoming the challenge of helping…

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Dynamic duo: Marketing can teach HR about segmentation

Check out your career page. Even though it may tell your company’s unique mission, vision, and values there’s probably something missing. Sure, it’s important that candidates learn about what life is like at your company - including the benefits, like free weekly yoga classes. But is each job description really tailored to a specific role?  By not segmenting your recruitment strategies to various candidate groups you may be wasting precious time and treasure by attracting people who aren’t suitable for those open positions you’re looking to fill asap. The costs…

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