Best tips for managers to improve their remote leadership skills - remote-how-tos_06_Global-image.jpg

Best tips for managers to improve their remote leadership skills

In the last two years, organizations worldwide have permanently adopted WFH and hybrid work models. But do leadership and management teams have the right skills to lead their dispersed teams effectively? Companies are busy drafting policies on how to make remote and hybrid work a success. Meanwhile, managers across industries are navigating the space of remote leadership and upskilling themselves. We sat down with Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett, a workplace psychologist and president/co-founder of Work EvOHlution, to get an in-depth understanding of what tools and skills high-performing managers need to…

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The case for workforce flexibility - Workforce-flexibility-is-a-win-win_-Global-image.png

The case for workforce flexibility

HR professionals are now responsible for navigating tightening resources, rapidly-advancing technologies, and a workforce that cares more about positive work experiences than their salary. According to the Harvard Business Review, 96 percent of professionals in the US want flexibility at work, but only 47 percent of them get it. Many are leaving their jobs because their companies refuse to adapt. The mass exodus of people from their full-time jobs, dubbed the Great Resignation, has made keeping up with the workforce more challenging than ever. Modern companies aiming to stay ahead…

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How HiBob went permanently “Hi-brid” - How-Hibob-went-Hi-brid_-Global-image.png

How HiBob went permanently “Hi-brid”

HiBob research found that 56 percent of people felt productive working from home compared to 44 percent who reported the opposite. The same study also found that 62 percent of people find that hybrid work allows for a better work-life balance, and 36 percent say they'll quit if companies force them to go back to the office full-time. As the world began emerging from the toughest COVID restrictions, we knew we couldn’t go back to the old normal. In the end, we decided to offer our Bobbers flexibility and go…

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Bob’s 2021 product roundup - bobs-2021-product-roundup_-Global-image-1.png

Bob’s 2021 product roundup

To build Bob’s 2021 roadmap, we listened to our customers and HR leaders everywhere. We based it on their feedback and made sure our HR, Product, Customer Success, and Engineering teams were all closely aligned. We adjusted to the new world of work In 2020, companies were forced to go global and adapt to dispersed and remote workforces overnight. When we began preparing our roadmap for 2021 at the end of last year, we didn't know what to expect going forward, except that we needed to further develop our suite of…

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Healthy cultures start with recognizing unconscious bias - Diversity-and-Inclusion-with-Shani_-Global-image.png

Healthy cultures start with recognizing unconscious bias

**This is a guest blog post written by Hibob employee (bobber) Shani Shitrit. Shani is a parent, a non-binary and loving human, a person with a disability, an activist for human rights, a Crossfit athlete, and a former Wheelchair basketball player.  DE&I has become a hot topic around the world, from schools to informal social gatherings to workplaces. There have been amazing strides in the right direction, and people are now very conscious of other people's needs and the benefits of diversity and inclusion.  There's a ton of material about…

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Work-life balance is out! Synergy is in. - Its-time-to-synergize_-Global-image-1.png

Work-life balance is out! Synergy is in.

Even though the idea of balancing career goals, personal roles, and off-hour hobbies sounds like nirvana, it’s rarely achievable. Part of the reason is that the modern workforce has to adapt to technological leaps forward. Once upon a time, work-life balance meant that you could build a wall between the office and the home. Your work life and personal life were definitively separate. But the digitized, ever-connected modern world blurs the line between work and home. As a result, people are increasingly chucking the idea of a perfect 50-50 split…

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Attrition: How to identify your high-risk employees - Identify-attrition-risk_-Global-image.png

Attrition: How to identify your high-risk employees

Employee attrition impacts companies in several ways. It lowers morale, reduces productivity, and can negatively impact company culture. It also incurs high costs, including the cost of recruiting and costs associated with onboarding and training. Attrition is of particular concern for HR leaders today, as the “Great Resignation” has seen the largest turnover in 20 years.   According to Employee Benefit News, the average total cost to replace a single employee is equivalent to 33 percent of their annual salary. For all these reasons and more, companies should aim to limit…

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Leadership tips for transitioning to a hybrid workplace for the long term - Tips-and-tricks_-Going-hybrid-long-term_-Global-image.png

Leadership tips for transitioning to a hybrid workplace for the long term

According to the 2021 Pulse of the American Worker Survey from Prudential, 87 percent of employees want to continue working from home at least one day a week, and 68 percent agree that a hybrid work structure is ideal. Moreover, 42 percent will search for another job if their current organization doesn’t offer some kind of remote option long-term. As the data indicates, pivoting to a hybrid work structure will help you retain valuable team members and attract new talent. But the adjustment phase can be a challenge as everyone…

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It’s time to fall into Fall: tips for motivating your people this season - How-to-motivate-your-people-this-Fall_-Global-image.png

It’s time to fall into Fall: tips for motivating your people this season

Employee motivation is a key driver for HR leaders and managers alike. Motivation in the workplace can be a challenge at any time of the year, but this phenomenon is especially present during the Fall season as the Winter blues and cold weather start slowly creeping up. With summer over and another COVID winter upon us, motivation can be hard to come by. One surefire way to drive productivity this autumn is through an employee motivation questionnaire or survey. There are plenty of free staff motivation questionnaire templates and resources…

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Employee retention strategies for the new world of work - Employee-retention-strategies-in-the-new-world-of-work_-Global-image.png

Employee retention strategies for the new world of work

In April, nearly 4 million people quit their jobs—the highest turnover in 20 years. In August, 4.3 million people quit their jobs. Those are record numbers, and there’s good reason to think more employees will continue to walk. Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals can’t ignore this Great Resignation. They need to understand what’s fuelling this movement and how companies can hang on to top talent.  Hibob teamed up with 360Learning to explore this very issue in our recent webinar. You can check out the on-demand event here, or…

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How to get employee experience on the executive agenda - Employee-experience-and-the-executive-agenda_-Global-image.png

How to get employee experience on the executive agenda

According to HR thought leader, Josh Bersin, the pandemic “changed recruitment overnight, and the subsequent ‘Great Resignation’ has led employees across industries to reevaluate their careers, prioritize their wellbeing, and, in many cases, make big life changes [that] … often include leaving their jobs.”  Today’s war for talent is tied directly to this shift in employee expectations and priorities. In a survey conducted in the spring of 2021, Hibob found that 36 percent of today's workforce is prepared to quit if their employers refuse to meet demands surrounding flexibility and…

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Creating an exceptional customer experience that drives success - Customer-first-CS-and-business-success_-Global-image.png

Creating an exceptional customer experience that drives success

Putting customers first has always been in HiBob's DNA. From the beginning, our overall business strategy has prioritized investing in our clients with a dedicated customer success strategy. Now that we've closed our Series C funding round, we're able to go full-force ahead to achieve our goal of creating even more exceptional customer experiences.  HiBob further demonstrated its dedication to a customer-first approach when I was promoted to Chief Customer Officer. Taking on this role is an absolute privilege for me. Leading Customer Success in a customer-first company like HiBob…

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How gender equality in the workplace boosts company profits - How-gender-equality-boosts-company-profits_-Global-image.png

How gender equality in the workplace boosts company profits

According to the World Economic Forum, it’ll take 267.6 years to close the gender pay gap. The Global Gender Gap Report also found that the second largest area of gender disparity is in economic participation and opportunity, at 42 percent. This and other recent studies confirm that the pervasiveness of gender inequality not only hinders women’s ability to advance, it’s also costing the entire global economy. According to Australia’s Office for Women, the Australian GDP could increase by a massive 11 percent, should women’s equality be promoted. Gender equality at…

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Employee engagement in Australia and New Zealand: The mid-market’s key to growth - Bringing-Hibob-to-Australia-and-New-Zealand_-Global-image.png

Employee engagement in Australia and New Zealand: The mid-market’s key to growth

HR's role is more strategic and critical than ever in modern organisations. Attracting and retaining top talent increasingly challenges businesses as the workforce modernises and becomes more global. To thrive in today’s modern work environment, organisations must create an inclusive company culture that enables them to successfully manage dynamic working environments and the rise of dispersed teams. Over the course of my career, I have established multiple high-performing, cross-functional, and diverse teams from the ground up. To do this successfully, I’ve come to believe that leadership means understanding what drives…

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Payroll Hub: Making payroll simple - Simplify-payroll_-Global-image-1.png

Payroll Hub: Making payroll simple

Every company needs to run payroll to pay employees for their work. It’s so crucial that payroll software is often the first software that a company buys. Payroll can either be managed in-house using payroll software or outsourced to external companies such as payroll bureaus. However your company manages its payroll, it’s responsible for ensuring that all employees get paid the right amount and at the right time. Payroll is a time-consuming process as no two payroll cycles are the same. Every cycle requires changes to be made, like adding…

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