Best tips for managers to improve their remote leadership skills - remote-how-tos_06_Global-image.jpg

Best tips for managers to improve their remote leadership skills

In the last two years, organizations worldwide have permanently adopted WFH and hybrid work models. But do leadership and management teams have the right skills to lead their dispersed teams effectively? Companies are busy drafting policies on how to make remote and hybrid work a success. Meanwhile, managers across industries are navigating the space of remote leadership and upskilling themselves. We sat down with Dr. Laura Hambley Lovett, a workplace psychologist and president/co-founder of Work EvOHlution, to get an in-depth understanding of what tools and skills high-performing managers need to…

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Work-life balance is out! Synergy is in. - Its-time-to-synergize_-Global-image-1.png

Work-life balance is out! Synergy is in.

Even though the idea of balancing career goals, personal roles, and off-hour hobbies sounds like nirvana, it’s rarely achievable. Part of the reason is that the modern workforce has to adapt to technological leaps forward. Once upon a time, work-life balance meant that you could build a wall between the office and the home. Your work life and personal life were definitively separate. But the digitized, ever-connected modern world blurs the line between work and home. As a result, people are increasingly chucking the idea of a perfect 50-50 split…

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Leadership tips for transitioning to a hybrid workplace for the long term - Tips-and-tricks_-Going-hybrid-long-term_-Global-image.png

Leadership tips for transitioning to a hybrid workplace for the long term

According to the 2021 Pulse of the American Worker Survey from Prudential, 87 percent of employees want to continue working from home at least one day a week, and 68 percent agree that a hybrid work structure is ideal. Moreover, 42 percent will search for another job if their current organization doesn’t offer some kind of remote option long-term. As the data indicates, pivoting to a hybrid work structure will help you retain valuable team members and attract new talent. But the adjustment phase can be a challenge as everyone…

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It’s time to fall into Fall: tips for motivating your people this season - How-to-motivate-your-people-this-Fall_-Global-image.png

It’s time to fall into Fall: tips for motivating your people this season

Employee motivation is a key driver for HR leaders and managers alike. Motivation in the workplace can be a challenge at any time of the year, but this phenomenon is especially present during the Fall season as the Winter blues and cold weather start slowly creeping up. With summer over and another COVID winter upon us, motivation can be hard to come by. One surefire way to drive productivity this autumn is through an employee motivation questionnaire or survey. There are plenty of free staff motivation questionnaire templates and resources…

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How to get employee experience on the executive agenda - Employee-experience-and-the-executive-agenda_-Global-image.png

How to get employee experience on the executive agenda

According to HR thought leader, Josh Bersin, the pandemic “changed recruitment overnight, and the subsequent ‘Great Resignation’ has led employees across industries to reevaluate their careers, prioritize their wellbeing, and, in many cases, make big life changes [that] … often include leaving their jobs.”  Today’s war for talent is tied directly to this shift in employee expectations and priorities. In a survey conducted in the spring of 2021, Hibob found that 36 percent of today's workforce is prepared to quit if their employers refuse to meet demands surrounding flexibility and…

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How to onboard remote engineers - remote-how-tos_05_Global-image.jpg

How to onboard remote engineers

How do you set up newly hired engineers for success? Start with a great onboarding process. Research by Glassdoor found that organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent. When you’re an engineering lead, a critical part of your role is helping other engineers grow and setting them up for success. That means making sure they have the tools and processes they need to have an impact from day one.  But how can you make new team members feel…

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5 ways to boost your team’s morale - remote-how-tos_04_Global-image.jpg

5 ways to boost your team’s morale

Remote team management comes with its own set of challenges, but long days spent at home can lead to feelings of disconnect and isolation. Many remote workers are finding their morale drop as remote work becomes the new normal. No wonder! Working from home non-stop, 7 am-7 pm can be the physical equivalent of sitting on a long-haul flight every day, minus the effects of altitude. Morale drives productivity and engagement among team members. When morale is high, the company and department can thrive. And managers need to ensure their…

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How managers can help their team switch off from remote work - remote-how-tos_03_Global-image.jpg

How managers can help their team switch off from remote work

When your home is your office, there's no natural divide between work and home life. Team leaders and managers are struggling to establish boundaries that support the wellbeing of their entire team, end unpaid overtime hours, and dismantle the current culture demanding employees be constantly online or available. The root of the problem In a recent survey conducted by Slack of more than 2,000 UK employees, they found 40% of employees battled with blurred lines between personal and professional life. Additionally, 38% were unable to unplug from the “always on”…

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What is people analytics?

Why people analytics matter in HR

70% of company executives cite people analytics as a top priority. Here are three ways HR can employ people analytics to make better business decisions.

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Getting Ahead of The Great Resignation

Avoiding a collision course with "The Great Resignation"

Hibob’s CMO Rhiannon Staples sits down for a special session of HR Summer School where she talks about retention, engagement, and why flexibility needs to be a part of every company’s back-to-office strategy.

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How to brainstorm remotely

How managers can brainstorm with their teams

Pre-pandemic, when we relied on a traditional office environment, brainstorming with colleagues meant getting in front of a whiteboard and jotting down ideas or lively brainstorming exercises to get everyone thinking creatively. This free-flowing exchange of ideas is harder to master in a remote setting. If your organization is new to remote working, don't assume all team members know how to brainstorm virtually.  "Effective brainstorming is about clear context, a safe space for unexpected ideas, and emphasis on quantity over quality," advises Bruno Bergher, VP Product at Gladly. As a…

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Working across time zones

HR best practices for working across time zones

Navigating different time zones is an inescapable reality for the workforce right now. Here's how to preserve collaboration and keep communication alive and effective, no matter where your team is located.

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Remote work life

How to keep your remote and hybrid workers connected

How can HR keep employees connected—to each other, to the big picture, and to the company culture—when everyone’s spread apart? Start with these three tips.

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working like a product team

How do you solve the hybrid work puzzle? Think like a product team

“Instead of looking at what others around us were doing, we approached the hybrid work puzzle like we do anything in the People Team—by working like a Product Team.” - Thomas Forstner, Head of People and Talent at Juro.

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How to use goals to motivate your workforce

The secret to motivating your hybrid workforce? Goals

Staying motivated while WFH can be challenging. Here’s how to create a goal-setting process that will help your people push past productivity dips and reignite their focus and drive.

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