How parents can both homeschool and be productive employees - Parent-power-Blog-post.png

How parents can both homeschool and be productive employees

It seems like the world of work has changed in a month. It’s safe to say that this period, with COVID19 floating in the air and most of the workforce either furloughed or working from home, is universally challenging. But especially for parents. Those brave individuals raising children are increasingly being thrust into the chaos of trying to balance their remote work responsibilities with caring for and homeschooling their children. Most governments around the world have shuttered their educational institutions in an attempt to contain the spread of the coronavirus,…

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How to say goodbye respectfully when working remotely - Respectfully-letting-employees-go-remotely_-Blog-img.png

How to say goodbye respectfully when working remotely

It seems like the world of work has changed in a month. We went from making sure our office spaces were as comfortable as possible to asking entire organizations to work from home, communicate daily by video and chat, and stay as productive as possible while the outside world is chaotic. We are learning to live in this reality to the best of our ability, and that includes adjusting our way of working. A disturbing reality of the COVID19 pandemic is that on a near-daily basis companies are downsizing or…

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remote onboarding webinar

How to get managers to help onboard their hires

In light of the global climate, working from home is the new normal for most fast-growing companies. Despite not being able to congregate in a meeting room, or around a water cooler, companies are doing everything they can to keep their workforces productive, happy, and engaged in these unprecedented times. On April 1, we hosted Andrew Bardsley, People and Culture Programme Manager for our client Modulr, and Frankie Kemp, of People Skills for Geeks, to have a discussion about how HR can provide an amazing onboarding experience remotely, and how…

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WFH Tips Hibob

WFH week 2: Our tips for managers and employees

The remote WFH requirement as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic has officially become the new normal to facilitate social distancing around the world. Hundreds of thousands of people who up until recently had only ever worked inside an office are being forced by the rapid spread of the Coronavirus to suddenly start working from home.  Unfortunately, there’s no clear end to this predicament just yet. In effect, it might be that remote WFH may be the future of work as we know it.  Your managers and employees should keep…

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10 ways your company can foster non-binary inclusion - Foster-non-binary-inclusion-Blog-post.png

10 ways your company can foster non-binary inclusion

Promoting non-binary inclusion and understanding benefits both employees and employers. An inclusive workplace will attract and keep high-quality candidates who might otherwise not be hired or promoted and attract customers who are increasingly choosing to support inclusive businesses. Most importantly, implementing sensitivity practices in the workplace can combat ignorance and aggression, moving not just businesses but society as a whole towards fully accepting non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals.  Here are 10 ways your company can foster non-binary inclusion: [quick_navigation] 1. Protect gender identity and gender expression By including non-binary protections…

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7 Work From Home Common Mistakes

Work from home faux pas that happen to the best of us

Whether your company has always allowed for remote work or you’re one of the many exiled to a home office setup because of COVID-19, working from home comes with some unique complications. While working from the office comes with its own social risks—have you ever spilled coffee on a white shirt?—working from home leaves you vulnerable to roommates, neighbors, pets, and unfortunate dress code violations. These are some of the work-from-home embarrassing realities that we’ve experienced. Laugh, cry, and prepare yourself for your own inevitable humiliations. 1. The surprise child…

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How to maintain company culture while working remotely - Lets-get-Digital-Blog-post.png

How to maintain company culture while working remotely

Company culture is easier to sustain when your people work on-site in an office space. When working from home, water cooler chats turn into Slack messages and coffee breaks feel a bit lonelier than usual. People leaders need to be on the ball when it comes to maintaining remote company culture in an effort to combat those feelings of isolation and loneliness.  It’s important to maintain your people’s network while working remotely, as well. By depending on your Org Chart, video conferencing, and transparent communication companies can thrive while working…

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Make your onboarding experience Instagrammable using our five steps to sharing success

5 steps to make your onboarding experience perfect for Instagram

We bet your company’s onboarding experience is one of a kind. In fact, it’s most likely jam-packed with unique aspects that make it perfect for public display on Instagram. There’s always room for more festivities and other “getting to know you” elements, though, and that’s what we’re here to help with!  Your new hires should have an onboarding experience to remember. Plus, the experience itself when posted online should contribute to your employer branding strategy; this means enhancing hiring efforts, drawing new recruits, and strengthening retention at a record rate.…

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WFH 101: Getting used to<br> remote work culture - coronavirus2-_Blog.png

WFH 101: Getting used to
remote work culture

Maybe you’ve heard about the remote work revolution. Maybe you’ve even asked your manager to let you work from home every so often. Or maybe you’ve never worked from anywhere but an office, and you’re nervous about having to work from home. Moving to a remote model is a big change. How do you replace taps on the shoulder and shared lunches? What’s it like having a team meeting over video call instead of in one room? Any kind of change comes with questions, so we’re here with answers: tips…

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How to manage a remote team

How to manage a remote team during Coronavirus

People managers, we’re in uncertain times. And your team is relying on you to take action. As more and more companies choose to have employees work from home, you’re the ones making the rules. Working from home may be as new to you as the rest of your team, but it’s up to you to take charge. That’s why we’ve put together some best practices taken from seasoned work-from-home and remote vets—so you can get adjusted quickly and help lead your team to success. What people managers can do: Schedule…

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HR tips for working from home - coronavirus1-_Blog-1.png

HR tips for working from home

Imagine: starting tomorrow, your entire organization, across all sites, has to start working from home. That might not be the case—at least not yet. But as COVID-19 spreads, more and more office-based organizations are embracing WFH as the solution. Whether you have teammates under mandatory quarantine or taking care of loved ones, you want to take extra precautions, or you’ve been forced to close your offices to follow government protocol, switching to a fully- or partially-remote model isn’t simple. It is, however, doable. We’ve put together some tips for how…

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The evolving world of HR

The world of HR: then and now

What did Human Resources look like 20 years ago? While the landscape itself is everchanging and the technology becomes more advanced yearly, there are still several aspects of the HR practice that continue to evolve daily. The way we look at and treat employees has changed, and company culture is now the term that has the most inquiries from job candidates on online review sites.  Almost every dimension of the Human Resources role has changed in the past two decades, its core functions now surpass the old expectations of just…

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CFOs and HR should rely on each other for talent management - Blog-post-fix-1-1.png

CFOs and HR should rely on each other for talent management

At first glance, you might think that a CFO and HR leader are an unlikely pair. The match shouldn’t be overlooked, though. By working together, this surprising team can manage their talent at optimal levels and greater understand the needs of their fast-growing company. CFOs and HR who collaborate on talent management are known to effectively improve recruitment and hiring processes, company culture, and overall employee retention rates.  How? By…  Making data-driven decisions Data analysis performed by one department can lead to great insights, but two departments sharing their insights…

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HR and Marketing are the perfect pair when it comes to organizational change management

How Marketing can help HR manage change

Inside a company, HR honchos have the most important responsibility when it comes to managing change: helping their people navigate it. Without the help of HR, managing widespread organizational transformation is next to impossible. According to Gartner’s research, 66% of a company’s change factors relate directly to its people. What this means is that your HR department must take a leading role to make your company-wide change a success story, not a cautionary tale.  Luckily, you don’t have to do this alone. Those marketing mavens sitting a few feet from…

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4 Marketing methods HR can use to improve workplace culture - Four-marketing-methods-for-HR_-Blog-Preview_1067X558-1.png

4 Marketing methods HR can use to improve workplace culture

We’re living in a time where knowledge-based work reigns supreme. This work is based on the unique genius of highly skilled men and women who refuse to be treated like cogs in a machine. This is why creating a strong workplace culture that encourages and embraces individuality is so important. People’s ratings of their companies are 20% higher in places with strong cultures. And culture matters to the bottom line. Research by Deloitte finds that 88% of working people, and 94% of executives, believe a strong workplace culture is crucial…

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