A metric that matters (absenteeism rate)

Measuring absenteeism rates and their impact

Whether they’re turning on their laptops while WFH or sliding into their desk chairs in the office, for employees to be productive they have to show up. That’s why absenteeism rates can be a make-or-break metric for your workplace. Absenteeism is the HR term for “not coming to work when you’re not sick or on holiday.” Measuring an organization’s absenteeism rate is an excellent way to temperature-check engagement and culture health. Let’s learn about: How to measure absenteeism ratesWhat causes absenteeismConsequence of absenteeismHow to mitigate high absenteeism rates How to…

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Working from home productively with HiBob Chief People Officer Nirit Peled Muntz - HR-leader-Nirit-_-Blog-img.png

Working from home productively with HiBob Chief People Officer Nirit Peled Muntz

When your team goes remote overnight, how do you rebuild communication practices and protocols to keep people productive, informed, and safe? Nirit Peled Muntz, HiBob’s CPO, sat down with us to share a bit of the HiBob journey towards remote work and creating a sustainable hybrid remote work model. Read on for the secrets to keeping employees productive, aligned, and secure. HiBob: What are you doing to keep your team engaged and motivated right now? Nirit Peled Muntz: At HiBob currently all employees are working from home, so we have…

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HiBob and MS Teams

HiBob and Microsoft Teams enhance workplace collaboration with a smart integration

Driving employee engagement across global sites and within diverse departments is a crucial component of this modern working world. At HiBob, our people are on the frontlines of the rapidly changing world of work and we’re consistently innovating our product to keep moving towards this workplace revolution. It’s no secret that the value of collaboration tools is unprecedented, especially when embedded into the company culture. Company-wide updates, various ad-hoc groups to finalize projects, groups to share updates, private messaging, and business processes all need to be executed in a manner…

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How to convince stakeholders to support diverse recruitment efforts - diversity-wins-_-Blog-img.png

How to convince stakeholders to support diverse recruitment efforts

The financial benefits of diverse recruitment can be quantified. How about the cost? Let’s start with your budget set aside for recruiting underrepresented minorities. How much of your recruiting budget is dedicated to that mission? If the answer is zero then not only do you have a culture problem, you’re hurting your business’ bottom line.Let’s look at diversity and inclusion-oriented recruiting by the numbers: the value of diversity to employees + benefits of inclusion-oriented recruitment, and how to present the business case for diverse recruiting. Quantifying the importance of diverse…

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What we learned about flexibility while working from home - Work-life-flexibility-Blog-post-1-1-1-1-1-1.png

What we learned about flexibility while working from home

Were you thrilled to start working from home? I wasn’t. I missed my team, I missed my desk, I missed sitting on the deck outside with a coffee and a coworker. Even though I’d worked from home full-time for years before joining HiBob, I still preferred grabbing teammates for a quick chat or whiteboard sessions. But COVID didn’t ask me before it whipped through the world, so for your safety and mine I moved back into my home office. After a few weeks of finding my footing, I remembered what…

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Remote onboarding checklist: Doing it right and getting employees to stay - Remote-onboarding-checklist-Blog-post.png

Remote onboarding checklist: Doing it right and getting employees to stay

The first 90 days of a new job are critical to long-term success, both for you and your employees. A well-planned-out remote onboarding process can be the make-or-break for new hire retention; in fact, 64% of new hires report leaving a job because of unsatisfactory onboarding. In Michael D. Watkins’ bible to onboarding for employees titled The First 90 Days: Proven Strategies for Getting Up to Speed Faster and Smarter he writes, “Good initial decisions founded on the right kind of learning...bolster your personal credibility. As people come to trust…

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4 ways for HR to help employees communicate in times of crisis - Youre-safe-with-HR-Blog-post-1-1-1-1.png

4 ways for HR to help employees communicate in times of crisis

There is a growing recognition that stress, depression, and anxiety are leading causes of disability and absenteeism from the modern workplace. In the UK alone, workplace stress results in the loss of 13 million workdays every year. Prioritizing and promoting mental health are vital during normal times—and in times of crisis, this need is even more pressing. The current global health crisis surrounding COVID-19 is shining a spotlight on the negative impact of stress on employee productivity and wellbeing, with nearly half of American adults reporting that their mental health…

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How to be a role model for your team as a manager - Lead-wisely-Blog-post.png

How to be a role model for your team as a manager

We all love to have role models: someone to look up to, whose behavior we can emulate. In the strange new world we are in, this has never been more true. As a manager in the workplace, people look to you for guidance and to be an example of great behavior. Now, aside from encouraging questionable novelty socks, how can your at-home routine encourage and empower your employees to manage their new world? 59% of employees across the United States report an increase in anxiety as a direct result of…

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10 ways your company can foster non-binary inclusion - Foster-non-binary-inclusion-Blog-post-2-2-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-1-2-1-1-3-1-2-1-1.png

10 ways your company can foster non-binary inclusion

Promoting non-binary inclusion and understanding benefits both employees and employers. An inclusive workplace will attract and keep high-quality candidates who might otherwise not be hired or promoted and attract customers who are increasingly choosing to support inclusive businesses. Most importantly, implementing sensitivity practices in the workplace can combat ignorance and aggression, moving not just businesses but society as a whole towards fully accepting non-binary and gender non-conforming individuals.  Here are 10 ways your company can foster non-binary inclusion: [quick_navigation] 1. Protect gender identity and gender expression By including non-binary protections…

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First Week Working From Home at HiBob

What we learned from
our first week WFH

The future of work has finally thrust one of its favorite trends upon us: working from home. We all started out feeling a little lost or confused, partially due to our daily routines being turned upside down and having to create a new one from scratch. Working from home may have been a foreign concept to traditional 9-5 employees, but we’re all steadily getting acclimated to the remote culture and crafting new schedules perfectly suited to our work from home needs.  At HiBob, HR began by getting in touch with…

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HiBob is providing business continuity during COVID-19 pandemic

How is HiBob responding to COVID-19 pandemic?

During this difficult time, it’s only natural for your employees to be depending on you for COVID-19 updates and best practices in response. This is why here at HiBob, we want you to know that you can count on us, as well. Providing business continuity is a top priority not just to us, but to all involved in the new world of work. Our commitment to the safety and wellbeing of our global community of users, clients, and employees goes without question, and we want to thank you for your…

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Make your onboarding experience Instagrammable using our five steps to sharing success

5 steps to make your onboarding experience perfect for Instagram

We bet your company’s onboarding experience is one of a kind. In fact, it’s most likely jam-packed with unique aspects that make it perfect for public display on Instagram. There’s always room for more festivities and other “getting to know you” elements, though, and that’s what we’re here to help with!  Your new hires should have an onboarding experience to remember. Plus, the experience itself when posted online should contribute to your employer branding strategy; this means enhancing hiring efforts, drawing new recruits, and strengthening retention at a record rate.…

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How to manage a remote team

How to manage a remote team during Coronavirus

People managers, we’re in uncertain times. And your team is relying on you to take action. As more and more companies choose to have employees work from home, you’re the ones making the rules. Working from home may be as new to you as the rest of your team, but it’s up to you to take charge. That’s why we’ve put together some best practices taken from seasoned work-from-home and remote vets—so you can get adjusted quickly and help lead your team to success. What people managers can do: Schedule…

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Personalized onboarding

Say hi to our new personalized onboarding experience

At HiBob, we know that creating an engaged and committed team starts with successful onboarding and within our HR platform, Bob, we believe it’s a core value and key function of the overall employee experience. We care about starting people off on the right foot and making them feel at home even before they have even entered the workplace. After all, the value of onboarding is insurmountable and is directly correlated with retention rates, as we’ve found that 64% of new hires leave after a negative onboarding process.   We hear…

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CFOs and HR should rely on each other for talent management - Blog-post-fix-1-1.png

CFOs and HR should rely on each other for talent management

At first glance, you might think that a CFO and HR leader are an unlikely pair. The match shouldn’t be overlooked, though. By working together, this surprising team can manage their talent at optimal levels and greater understand the needs of their fast-growing company. CFOs and HR who collaborate on talent management are known to effectively improve recruitment and hiring processes, company culture, and overall employee retention rates.  How? By…  Making data-driven decisions Data analysis performed by one department can lead to great insights, but two departments sharing their insights…

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