Employee motivation is a key driver for both HR people leaders and managers alike. Motivation in the workplace can be a challenge at any time of the year, but this phenomenon is especially present during the Fall season as the Winter blues and cold weather start slowly creeping up. Now that the summer slump is over and students are back to school, it’s a countdown to the Winter holiday season. One surefire way to drive productivity this Autumn is through an employee motivation questionnaire or survey. There are plenty of free staff motivation questionnaire templates and resources out there for HR professionals. 

Throw your favorite cashmere sweater on, light that fall-scented candle, and get cozy with our top five tips for work motivation this season:

Pumpkin spice it up

Staff motivation is more than just one latte away. Research shows that today’s employees are looking for more than salary and traditional perks. Millennial workers value purpose, teamwork, challenges, and work-life balance over profit. Switch things up in your company by offering innovative initiatives such as hot-desking, mentorships, or hackathons to get those creative juices (and collabs) flowing. These efforts should be part of a larger learning culture.

These Uggs are made for walkin’

The quitting economy is upon us. Employee motivation, with its peaks and valleys, directly correlates with retention. If your people are not happy with their roles, teams, or company culture, it’s easy to walk out and onto the next opportunity. To prevent employee turnover and increase employee motivation, make the effort to recognize and reward your people beyond the payslip. 

All the leaves are brown

As the leaves change colors, so do your people’s wants and needs. HR leaders should take steps to be in touch with their people and hear their feedback in a safe space. So, how to use employee engagement to increase motivation levels? First, establish the goals of your employee motivation survey and align with your management team. Then, run some anonymous polls and surveys with bob to truly understand your people and visualize their responses.

Pump(kin) up the energy

As the weather gets colder, it’s time to pump up your people’s productivity. Get creative by offering sweet treats (apple cider donuts, anyone?), planning fun days (apple or pumpkin picking!), or switching things up in the office environment (Fall decor). Or, create your own unique company traditions! Sometimes, all it takes is an inspiring podcast or Instagram account to get people going.

Give thanks… for Halloween and Thanksgiving 

Motivation in the workplace is often powered by time spent outside of the workspace. Make sure to let your people know that time spent away, on holidays or otherwise, is not only acceptable but actively encouraged. Eliminate vacation shaming by establishing a clear time-off policy and leading by example.

The benefits of motivation in the workplace are countless. HR leaders, it’s time to put your employee motivation questionnaire to the test! This Fall, while you finish up the quarter and prepare for the New Year, make sure to pause and check in with your people. Whether it’s a complete motivation survey or quick one-on-ones, employee motivation should be top of mind for people leaders.

From Nora Stark

Nora is Product Marketing Manager at Hibob. She brings her background in psychology and passion for storytelling to her role. Often confused with the Starks from the North, Nora is also on a mission to travel and explore other cultures. An avid reader and podcast listener, she can be found discussing the latest pop culture news around the office. Nora is thrilled to discover where the future of work is headed through bob.