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How to attract and retain tech talent in leadership roles

It’s no secret that the post-COVID world and the current financial crisis in Australia are forcing companies, particularly startups and scale-ups, to tread carefully and be more strategic in their planning for the upcoming months when it comes to hiring and retaining talent.  There are rumors floating around that leadership talent will start looking to stay put or start searching for the predictable, ‘steadier’ jobs of past times within corporate, well-established companies. So, this is the time (if you haven’t already) to evaluate and improve how you are attracting and…

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How to stand out on compensation and benefits - Crafting-exceptional-compensation_-Global-image.png

How to stand out on compensation and benefits

In today’s competitive workforce environment, a good compensation and benefits package goes far beyond what appears on someone’s payslip.

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Think & Grow_EVP

How to use employee value proposition (EVP) for attracting and retaining tech talent 

As we adjust to a post-COVID world, companies need to evolve according to changes in the workplace and their people’s expectations, which are no longer considered ‘perks’ but essentials. Culture, employee stock ownership (ESOP), and diversity and inclusion processes are now being redefined as companies struggle to hire the best tech talent, keeping market dynamics interesting.  Together with HiBob, we recently hosted events in Sydney and Melbourne focused on attracting and retaining tech talent. In these sessions, we discussed several strategies that companies can use to help them achieve this…

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One-on-one meetings

How to optimize one-on-one meetings for your remote teams

One-on-one meetings are a dedicated, recurring time block on the calendar that opens up a space for managers and their team members to have honest, open-ended conversations. While many professionals prefer remote and hybrid work, the loss of face-to-face meetings has challenged interpersonal relationships.

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HR and hiring manager A-team

Collaboration is key: HR, hiring managers, and optimizing your recruitment strategy

Your recruitment and retention strategy is one of those projects. It requires regular input from recruiters, hiring managers, and HR team members searching for professionals who don’t just have the right skill set for the job but who also fit your company culture.

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How to keep your people out of the Big Quit

High-impact retention strategies for a high turnover world

Investing in your people’s career development and learning is another way to keep them engaged and happy in their roles.

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Make the world your office

How HiBob’s Work-from-Anywhere policy blazes the trail to productivity with freedom and flexibility

Last year HiBob introduced its Work From Anywhere policy. This policy gives Bobbers the freedom to work from anywhere (literally) for up to two months a year, in addition to its already-existing (and standard) hybrid work model. Since the WFA policy’s introduction, we’ve seen a handful of our people exercise the Work from Anywhere policy at least once. More Bobbers are planning for the same in 2022 and beyond.

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Equity sharing

Equity sharing: Mid-sized companies' key to winning top talent

In our latest guide, How to attract and retain top talent using a full-stack compensation strategy, we partnered with leading equity management platform, Ledgy, for a deep-dive discussion into how companies can build competitive compensation and equity sharing into people-centric cultures to set themselves apart from the competition.

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Employee retention strategies for the new world of work - Employee-retention-strategies-in-the-new-world-of-work_-Global-image.png

Employee retention strategies for the new world of work

In April, nearly 4 million people quit their jobs—the highest turnover in 20 years. In August, 4.3 million people quit their jobs. Those are record numbers, and there’s good reason to think more employees will continue to walk. Human Resources and Learning and Development professionals can’t ignore this Great Resignation. They need to understand what’s fuelling this movement and how companies can hang on to top talent.  HiBob teamed up with 360Learning to explore this very issue in our recent webinar. You can check out the on-demand event here, or…

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Reducing Employee Turnover

How to reduce employee turnover

To stem the flow of turnover, start with why people are most likely to leave. Here are five reasons professionals tend to leave their jobs and strategies your HR team can use to reduce employee turnover.

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employee turnover magic number

Employee turnover: Four questions HR needs to answer

Turnover is a powerful indicator of the health of a company. The answers to these four questions can reveal a lot more about your company than how many people are leaving.

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