3 reasons you should prioritize employee recognition - Give-em-credit-Blog-post.png

3 reasons you should prioritize employee recognition

When your focus is building successful teams that work together as a seamless unit, it might feel counterintuitive to single out employees for their accomplishments. But to keep every part of your team moving, you need to address each of them individually. Employee recognition is the act(s) of publicly and privately acknowledging individual achievements, and it's critical to increasing your business' bottom line. Here's how. Recognition and engagement are tied Engagement is known to be an important element of culture, productivity, and ultimately bottom-line results for your business. How does…

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A metric that matters (employee turnover)

What does employee turnover mean for your business?

Employee turnover is an expensive indicator of deep organizational issues. It can signal issues with quality of hire, culture, management, onboarding, and any other aspect of your employee experience. 77% of turnover in 2019 was voluntary—which means 77% of employee turnover could have been prevented. To take control of your budget and your culture, you need to get a handle on turnover ASAP. Let’s discuss: How to calculate employee turnoverThe financial impact of employee turnoverPotential causes of employee turnover How to calculate employee turnover Employee turnover is one of the…

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Workplace communities and employee retention - Develop-workplace-communities-_Blog-post.png

Workplace communities and employee retention

This article from guest author, Andra Magerusan, is part of a series of posts on digital HR & the human connection - an exploration of the issues & trends around online HR tools, social media channels, and the desire for a positive culture in the workplace. What is a workplace? The workplace concept has changed dramatically over the past decades. While in the past it was common for people to spend their entire lives in one role, leaving after 1- 2 years is much more normal nowadays. It seems as…

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