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Performance management strategy for HR leaders

Performance reviews of the past were traditionally limited to a once-per-year appraisal where employees were judged according to past performance. With end-of-year reviews often tied to financial bonuses, promotions, or other incentives, this model was found to cause anxiety and competition among employees, thereby limiting collaboration and innovation. But things are changing. Continual performance management is increasingly being adopted by the world’s biggest companies. By keeping communication about goals and objectives fluid, effective performance management fosters engagement and breaks down silos for enhanced productivity and long-term success. So, how can…

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4 ways to transform your company’s culture of feedback

Keep your people engaged and motivated by encouraging feedback at every level of the organization, and not just at prescribed moments like a quarterly or annual review.

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3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have

It’s review time; time to talk about your performance over the last month, quarter or (heaven forbid) year. Even if you have hit all your goals and are feeling good about your work, the idea of a performance review might still be leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling. It doesn’t matter what side of the table you’re sitting on, and you probably sit on both - as a manager and a team member, performance conversations aren’t that fun. Additionally, mishandled performance conversations can negatively impact your team and lead to…

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