When it comes to HR headaches, payroll is a top contender for the crown—and it only gets more complicated when you introduce mass scaling and global expansion.

Pay and benefits differ drastically across regions, so multi-national companies often rely on a number of different payroll solutions to navigate the complexities of local taxes and comply with local compensation laws at each site. 

Dealing with payroll at just one site is headache enough. But at multiple sites and counting? 

That’s just downright stressful. 

While payroll solutions that are specifically tailored to each site have their advantages, having so many point solutions adds up. 

Every payroll solution you add to your tech stack complicates your processes, leaves more room for error, and adds another expense—which is exactly what you want to avoid when the goal is to tighten budgets and keep expenses lean.

That’s where HR leaders like you can take advantage of top-tier, all-in-one HR platforms with a comprehensive payroll offering. A solution that takes care of your global payroll and people processes all at once.

Let’s take a look at the significant advantages of utilizing an all-inclusive HCM that integrates payroll management seamlessly.

Merge your payroll strategy with your people strategy

HR leaders and payroll professionals can make complex HR processes like payroll feel simple, transforming them into straightforward, local processes that are fast and effective—and massively cut costs—with an all-in-one HCM 

The added bonus? You can overhaul your entire HR workflow with exceptional modern HR tech, from onboarding and workforce planning to performance management, employee engagement, and DE&I progress tracking—including being able to merge your payroll strategy with your people strategy. 

When these two worlds collide and synergize, it can help build your global business strategy and encourage alignment between HR, payroll, and finance teams. 

By working together as one, your organization can benefit from more transparency and support for a people-first culture. This helps enhance the employee experience across various work structures—whether that’s work-from-home, work-from-office, or hybrid models—for any full-time, part-time, salaried, or hourly team members as well as contractors and freelancers. 

Build stronger interdepartmental partnerships

When you have an all-inclusive HCM that includes a robust, multi-national payroll feature, you can better standardize your approach to HR and payroll—allowing HR, finance, and other stakeholders to sing from the same hymn sheet. 

This synergy helps you enhance collaboration across these departments, allowing teams to share and integrate data more efficiently. It can also help you minimize errors and support team members in making informed strategic decisions based on accurate and relevant data-driven insights. 

You can forge better working relationships that produce more effective business strategies when you’re able to easily share key information like quarterly updates, stats, and relevant people data across teams. 

Provide your organization with a single source of payroll truth

When you combine your payroll with your HCM, you can get a number of advantages, including:

Enhanced accuracy and team member self-service

A unified HCM platform gives you a comprehensive overview of your payroll operations, which makes it far easier for you to manage and rectify any discrepancies—while also allowing your team members to manage their own data.

That means they can change key personal information such as legal names, marital status, and bank information through secure self-service portals. 

For HR professionals, this means you can cut down on errors like team member misclassification, incorrect overtime calculations, and time and attendance tracking errors, while also being able to update tax rules on time. 

Data-driven decisions and reporting

Organizations are built on data. And with a unified HR system, you can build payroll KPIs and track them through your HCM. 

This allows you to generate accurate reports full of key payroll and people data that you can easily share with stakeholders across the business. 

Add more sites as you scale, not more payroll solutions

It’s every HR and payroll professional’s dream to have an error-free, tech-supported, every-site payroll solution that makes the payroll process quick, easy, and—perhaps most importantly—accurate. 

Unfortunately, this type of solution doesn’t exist…yet. 

The good news is that modern HCMs are working toward building out solutions that can fill this gap and answer this unique problem with products that unify complex multi-national and multi-site payroll into one simple process. 

Flexible, customizable payroll features

Built-in payroll offerings are flexible and customizable, allowing you to customize your payroll and compensation reporting. This adaptability allows you to more easily adhere to regional compensation laws, which is crucial for globally expanding businesses. It also makes it easier for you to manage compliance effectively, without having to add so many more payroll systems to your tech stack. 

A streamlined user experience

No matter how many locations or sites you have, an integrated system will provide all your team members with the same efficient payroll process and user experience.

Having this level of consistency and uniformity is an essential part of making sure you have straightforward, error-free operations across various sites, all while simplifying HR and payroll teams’ tasks. 

Boost your payroll productivity, manage global payroll compliance, and lower costs

Adopting an all-in-one HCM with an integrated payroll solution helps take your organization to the next level. Consolidating payroll and HR processes (as much as possible) reduces costs, minimizes errors, and strengthens compliance across your sites.

But it also helps with far more than just simplifying your processes. Making payroll an integral part of a holistic HR strategy gives your team more control over their information, improves employee satisfaction, synchronizes interdepartmental dynamics, and streamlines your path to global expansion. 

Tali Sachs

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