I’m a marketer who’s obsessed with HR, and not just the HR technology market—my longtime home as a marketing leader—but the people who work in HR and people teams worldwide: the people who think nonstop about how to identify, grow, and nurture the talent in our teams. The people who work tirelessly behind the scenes to make sure we have what we need to succeed. The people whose business, at its core, is people. 

HR has the power to make or break a business strategy, connecting the dots between people, process, and technology to help envision a comprehensive path forward. Great HR pushes all of us to be better—more thoughtful, more prepared, more inclusive, and more human.

Keeping the focus on people—whether it’s the people on my team or the people I’m speaking to with my work—has always resonated with me. And in this next chapter, I’m so excited to be bringing this focus to HiBob, a company that, like me, deeply understands and cares about the people who power organizations around the globe.

Saying “hi” to Bob

I was first introduced to HiBob at last year’s HR Technology Conference and Expo in Las Vegas. If you’ve ever been to a large industry event, you’ll know how busy a tradeshow floor can be, crammed with vendors, exhibitors, and sponsors who all want your attention. Every year, marketers try to find new ways to help their companies stand out from the crowd—but in a sea of blue and green technology booths with similar messaging and giveaways, it’s almost impossible to rise above the din.

Walking around the convention center, I immediately noticed a queue that snaked through the hallways outside the expo hall. While I might not be a typical HR buyer, I am immensely curious. As a lifelong student of marketing, I immediately wanted to know what had convinced hundreds of people to take time out of their day and wait in line. And as the queue moved, I saw what had everyone so excited: a big, pink booth offering free professional headshots to the conference audience. 

More than the beautiful photos they were showcasing on their monitors, I saw Bob, an HR platform made for the future of work. That engagement—and the brief demo I got from the team—made a powerful and lasting impression on me. I knew then and there that if I ever got the chance, I wanted to meet the folks who came up with that amazing on-site experience. 

This was a team that seemed to understand the value not just of great marketing and slick product design, but also of giving something back to the HR professionals who keep their focus on people day in and day out in our organizations.

Getting to know Bob

As an HR platform with a unique perspective, Bob stands out in a crowded market as much as the HiBob booth stood out at the conference. Bob enables HR teams to automate the administrative processes that bog them down, empowering them to dedicate more time to the people and strategy work they love. And customers adore Bob, creating videos to celebrate Bob joining their teams and leaving hundreds of five-star reviews on sites like G2 Crowd, TrustRadius, Capterra, and more.

When I heard HiBob was on the lookout for a new CMO, I jumped at the opportunity to get to know the people behind the platform. Bobbers are a passionate, vibrant group, committed to core company values like “we do what we say” and “bring me, win as we.” We connected immediately over a shared interest in the HR market, DEI&B, and the importance of bringing your authentic self to work. 

I was also immediately drawn to the team’s innovative approach to helping customers deliver outcomes for their businesses. HiBob has tremendous momentum, holding its own in a saturated market. There is immense opportunity for growth and a groundswell of support from the customer community. But more than anything, it’s the deep commitment to the company culture that I’ve felt from Bobbers at every site I’ve visited worldwide that has made it a place that feels like home.

Joining a team that prioritizes DEI&B

As someone who identifies as a queer, disabled, non-binary person—and who proudly lives their intersectional identity out loud every day—finding a team that embraces diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging (DEI&B) was incredibly important to me. I believe our identities and our lived experiences inform how we see the world, how we make decisions, how we solve problems, and how we work with others. 

But I also know that for trans and non-binary employees, bringing our whole authentic selves to work can be a daunting prospect. In fact, according to McKinsey, 68 percent of transgender employees don’t feel comfortable being fully out at work, citing concerns about harassment, physical safety, and even discriminatory hiring and promotional practices. 

For a long time, I thought that being open about my identity and my pronouns (they/them) would distract people from my professional capabilities, from the points I was trying to make, or from the content of my character. But what I have learned over time is that those things are inextricable. 

My identity, and the way I bring it with me to work, makes me the leader I am today. I thrive in environments that recognize that everyone has a different story to tell, a different perspective to share, and a way of looking at things that is deeply informed by our identities and lived experiences.

When it came to joining HiBob as CMO, what resonated with me most was seeing Bobbers lead with their whole, authentic selves in working together and accepting each other for who they are. It’s a company and team that proudly demonstrates that diversity in leadership and within their teams is something everyone should want and strive for.

Looking ahead

HiBob has an innovative product, a passionate team, and an incredible foundation for success. Despite the current economic volatility, I’m excited to have the opportunity to shape our next phase of growth and shine a light on the critical work our customers are doing for their organizations and their people. 

The HR leaders we work with are driving organizational change and producing transformational outcomes, even in the face of uncertainty. They are incredible assets to their organizations, and I’m so lucky to have the opportunity to use HiBob’s brand and platform to connect with them and share their stories with the world.

Going forward, you’ll see more big, pink booths from HiBob. You’ll see us stand out from the crowd. You’ll see us lift up, celebrate, and give back to the HR community we love. And you’ll see us thrive, with a go-to-market engine that helps us scale and position the company to seize the opportunities in front of us. I can’t wait.

Sarah Reynolds (they/them)

From Sarah Reynolds (they/them)

Sarah (they/them) is Chief Marketing Officer at HiBob. An openly non-binary executive, Sarah writes widely about diversity and inclusion, pay equity, the future of work, and the intersection of bias, ethics, and technology. They love spicy food, and can frequently be found in their garden tending to their many varieties of hot chili pepper plants.