Organizational Transparency in Recessions

How to recession-proof your company with organizational transparency

Transparency has to come from the top in organizations to be effective. As an HR leader, encouraging the C-suite to say more, not less, can be tough in times like these, but it’s not impossible. Here are some suggestions that can help.

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Digital workplace strategy

Enhance your digital workplace strategy to transform the employee experience

A digital workspace that supports managers to truly connect with, motivate, and inspire their teams is a critical foundation for business success. Here are the key technologies—and conversations—that every HR and IT team have when considering how to create a truly effective digital workplace strategy.

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IWD 2023 Germany

IWD 2023: Professional women in the modern German workplace

As we approach International Women's Day 2023, it is an opportune moment to reflect on the status of professional women in Germany and assess where progress has been made and where there is still room for improvement. HiBob has continued its annual tradition by commissioning a national online survey, which took place in January 2023 and included responses from 1,000 professional women in Germany. The study targeted women aged 25 and above who were employed full-time in a hybrid or in-office workplace in both 2021 and 2022, and also provided detailed breakdowns of the data by company size, role, profession, parental status, and age group.

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IWD 2023 US

IWD 2023: Professional women in the modern US workplace

As International Women’s Day 2023 approaches, HiBob has once again demonstrated its commitment to celebrating this important event. Continuing our tradition, HiBob commissioned an online national survey in honor of the significance of this special day. Conducted in January 2023, it comprises responses from 2,000 full-time female and male professionals aged 25 and older who worked in a hybrid or in-office workplace in 2021 and 2022. It looks at how women (54%) and men (46%) respondents view gender issues in the workplace with breakdowns by company size, role, profession, and age group.

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What is a performance-based bonus?

A performance-based bonus is an extra compensation granted to a team member as a reward for reaching pre-established goals and benchmarks.

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Resilience through uncertainty: 3 HR trends for 2023 - HR-Trends-for-2023_Webinar_V1_featured-image_with-participants-aspect-ratio-610-320.png

Resilience through uncertainty: 3 HR trends for 2023

Watch this webinar on-demand as we share industry insights about the most topical trends, and discuss how businesses can deal with the current economic downturn.

Harnessing the Power of HR Tech

How to harness the power of HR tech to create better workplace experiences

As the world of work continues to evolve amid a shifting social and economic landscape, leaders face the ever-present challenge of building systems and choosing tools that meet the demands of today’s workplaces.

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Workplace Communication in Recessions

5 questions your people will ask during recessions and how managers can answer them

Managers needn’t be caught off guard by anxious team members. By preparing for the most common questions, you can help them reassure their people and build trust.

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compensation plan

What is a compensation plan?

A compensation plan is a payment package designed to attract and retain employees. A basic compensation package consists solely of a salary or wages. A more comprehensive compensation package could include additional benefits such as bonuses, perks, commission, health insurance, or retirement investments. Compensation plans involve offering fair and competitive payments that simultaneously align with the company budget and promote business success. What are the different types of compensation?  It's critical to build your compensation plan according to your budget and resources. This is especially important when structuring a…

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CHRO panel speakers

CHRO Panel: From chaos to change - driving tomorrow’s people and culture agenda

This insightful panel discussion included global CHROs who explored how to ensure their organisation has the cultural, technological, and operational agility to remain resilient as we explore new ways of working. 

How to engage and invest in Young Generation in Tech

How to engage and invest in Young Generation in Tech

This talk provides unique insights into how best to manage this new generation—the future of the workforce. Check out the recorded session from HiBob's track at the HR Congress World Summit 2022.

Pay Transparency

What is pay transparency?

Pay transparency is the practice of openly disclosing compensation for both current and prospective employees in the pursuit of pay equity. Pay transparency is one strategy to improve communication, address pay inequality, and build trust in the workplace.

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Survey your people lobby image

How to use Bob’s surveys to gain feedback and inform change for your people

A survey is a proven method for taking a pulse check of your people to see how they feel about different topics relating to the workplace and their jobs. In times of uncertainty, when your people may feel insecure about their job security, it’s all the more important to understand how they feel so that you can address their fears and instill confidence in the company.

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HR strategy

What is an HR strategy?

An HR strategy is an organized set of HR methods designed to support high-performance work and promote the company’s vision, mission, values, and objectives.

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How to Write Written Warnings

How to write a written warning for employees

A written warning for employees indicates the severity of the employer’s concerns—and clarifies that the person in question needs to match or exceed the standards of behavior outlined in the employee handbook.

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