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Efficiency, flexibility, and supporting a global workforce. Why ZeroNorth switched to Bob.

Founded in 2020, ZeroNorth has experienced exponential growth in three years—including several M&As and opening…

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The best of Bob 2023

Building the exceptional: The Best of Bob in 2023

Our 2023 roadmap theme was “Building the exceptional,” highlighting our dedication to continuously go above…

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Why “Lazy Girls” Might Just Be Your Brightest Talent

“Lazy girl jobs”: What if we’re thinking about it all wrong?

“Lazy girl” team members might actually be your highest performers.

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What Is Job Rotation?

What is job rotation?

Job rotation is a form of internal mobility where team members move between different roles…

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What Is A Notice Period?

What is a notice period?

There are a few types of notice periods since they differ based on employment circumstances.

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How IDH uses Bob to boost engagement, plan their workforce, and test new global processes

As a small company, IDH managed HR using a simple HR platform and spreadsheets. However,…

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HR calendar

Your ultimate HR holiday calendar: Key dates for your team in 2024

Stay ahead of the curve with our HR annual calendar.

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Tackling the Challenges of IHRM

8 HR challenges multi-national companies face (and how to solve them)

In today’s dynamic work landscape, multi-national HR teams face a seemingly ever-growing list of complexities.

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LMS Implementation Essentials: Planning, Checklist, and More

From planning to integration: Your LMS implementation checklist

This guide covers everything you need to know for successful LMS implementation—from planning to integration.

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Employee Goal Setting Template: Examples and Best Practices

Elevate performance: Employee goal setting template

Learn how employee performance metrics supports effective goal setting as part of a performance management…

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Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance - Pay-transparency_webinar_Loby-image.png

Pay transparency: Going beyond compliance

There is great untapped opportunity around transparency for companies. So, what does it mean to…

Navigating the future: Embracing pay transparency as modern HR leaders - Unleash-World_ֿSarah_recording_2023_NO-CTA_1200-banner.png

Navigating the future: Embracing pay transparency as modern HR leaders

Access the exclusive recording of Sarah's spotlight session at Unleash World 2023. Be part of…

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How Diversity Hiring Can Help Close the Skills Gap

How multi-cultural and diversity hiring can help close the skills gap

Challenge some long-established recruiting practices and think outside the box to reach the talent you…

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Mastering HR-Manager Accountability

Empowering through accountability: Building strong HR-manager relationships

Accountability at work is a cornerstone of building trust and productive cross-departmental teams.

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A seat at the table: HR’s vital role in modern businesses - HR_s-vital-role-in-modern-businesse_Lobby-image-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

A seat at the table: HR's vital role in modern businesses

Today, HR holds a critical role in the modern workplace—and that role is still evolving.

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