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Do more with less: Optimize workforce planning with powerful HR tech

Learn from experts how to make data-driven talent decisions and improve processes.

How Anyfin’s CPO strategically prepares for future growth with Bob - Anyfin-lobby-image.png

How Anyfin’s CPO strategically prepares for future growth with Bob

Having used an enterprise-level system in a previous role, Anyfin’s Chief People Officer (CPO) sought something completely different. She wanted an easy-to-use, one-stop solution that could grow with the company and manage the entire employee lifecycle—from preboarding to offboarding.

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Research: Sociopolitics in the US Workplace

Sociopolitics in the US workplace

To navigate the complex and evolving cultural and political landscape, employers require assistance. In January 2023, HiBob's research department surveyed 2000 professionals in the US.

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How to build and nurture a company culture

How to build, nurture, and grow a company culture

Take a step back, confront the status quo, and ask yourself, "How can I directly impact our company culture?”

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Pay equity audit template

Ensuring fair compensation: Pay equity audit template

With these tools, you can easily navigate the pay equity audit process and ensure your business is fair and transparent for all.

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HR Job Description Samples and Checklist for Recruiting HR

HR job descriptions and checklist: Recruiting the best HR professionals

Discover comprehensive HR job description samples and a helpful checklist for efficient HR recruitment. Find the ideal HR for your team.

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What is an Employee Assistance Program (EAP)? | HiBob

What is an employee assistance program (EAP)?

Employee assistance programs, or EAPs for short, are work-based programs designed to identify and assist team members in handling personal challenges that might be holding them back from performing their best at work.

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What is an HRIS Analyst? | HiBob

What is an HRIS analyst?

In essence, an HRIS analyst is the logistical superhero who manages, maintains, and supports this system, ensuring it’s fully optimized and serves the organization's HR needs.

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What are Employee Files? | HiBob

What are employee files?

Employee files, also known as employee personnel files, are detailed records that contain essential job-related documents and information about an employee.

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What is job enrichment? - 20230601-HiBob-June-Glossary-Main-Banner-Job-enrichment-1-BW-aspect-ratio-349-149.png

What is job enrichment?

Job enrichment is a motivational strategy that focuses on making the work people do more rewarding and satisfying.

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What is Employee Enablement? | HiBob

What is employee enablement?

Employee enablement means empowering employees with the tools, resources, and knowledge they need to do their jobs effectively and reach their full potential.

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Top HR Influencers and Thought Leaders to Follow in 2023

Top 12 HR influencers you need to follow

Keep up to date with the ever-changing world of HR by following the top 12 HR influencers and thought leaders in this list.

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What is a Hiring Freeze? | HiBob

What is a hiring freeze?

A hiring freeze is when a company stops hiring new employees. During a hiring freeze, companies also refrain from creating new job positions, and might put filling current vacancies on hold.

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The Great Unretirement and the Power of Returnships

Bridging the talent gap: Embracing the Great Unretirement and returnships

Despite the willingness of older generations to return to the workforce, these professionals face a significant barrier in age discrimination.

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HR Director interview questions

25 HR director interview questions you need to ask

You’ve had the position approved, written the job description, and advertised it on relevant channels. You want to find the best candidate for your new HR director position and have several applicants lined up who appear to be a good match regarding qualifications and experience. So, what’s next? Compile a list of HR director interview questions to ensure you cover all the relevant HR functions, including HR technology know-how, HR strategy skills, awareness of HR regulations and compliance, and experience with planning, leading, and coordinating an HR team. Not sure…

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