Modern HR for modern companies

Leading with a people-first strategy: understanding principles, policies, and priorities

We sat down with two of Australia’s HR leaders, Dr. Kirstin Ferguson and Kathleen McCudden, to better understand what people-first organizations require of today’s leaders and what strategies can help with addressing common HR challenges.

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Mental health awareness

Let’s talk about mental health in the workplace and what HR can do

Even before the pandemic, in 2019, the World Health Organization labeled employee burnout a medical condition. As the number of people struggling with mental health continues to increase, employers and HR need to be proactive in their approach to helping people cope. Here are some best practices HR can consider to move the needle on mental health.

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Building employee and manager empowerment: one-one-one meeting templates - One-on-one-meetings_Checklist_-lobby-image.png

Building employee and manager empowerment: one-one-one meeting templates

At the heart of any successful business is a clear and strong understanding of the importance of communication. One-on-one meetings between managers and their employees have always been an important part of working in a team. They help to align expectations and develop and keep a strong, open line of communication. But with remote and hybrid workplaces becoming more and more commonplace, there are far fewer face-to-face interactions. This has made these meetings all the more crucial. While one-on-one meetings are arguably best held in person, they can still be…

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Agile organization

What is an agile organization?

An agile organization is a company that responds to unpredictable market changes with resilience and flexibility. While traditional organizations embody a hierarchical structure and rely on extensive processes and planning, agile organizations act promptly and proactively to satisfy customers and flow with the shifting market.

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Equity sharing

Equity sharing: Mid-sized companies' key to winning top talent

In our latest guide, How to attract and retain top talent using a full-stack compensation strategy, we partnered with leading equity management platform, Ledgy, for a deep-dive discussion into how companies can build competitive compensation and equity sharing into people-centric cultures to set themselves apart from the competition.

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Full-stack compensation strategy

How to attract and retain top talent using a full-stack compensation strategy

Introduction Companies today are suddenly thinking very differently about compensation. If they want to succeed, they need to adopt a people-centric culture and recruitment strategy that puts competitive compensation packages front and center.  Between the Great Resignation and a tumultuous global economy, a combination of macro and micro factors has made compensation a key strategic issue for companies around the world. One thing is for sure: For all the technological innovations benefiting modern businesses, companies can’t hit their financial and strategic objectives without great people and the talent they bring…

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A guide to creating the ideal HR tech stack - Reviewing-the-HR-tech-stack_-lobby-image.png

A guide to creating the ideal HR tech stack

For two years, the pandemic has dominated the news, the business world, and almost every area of life. Now, people and organizations are looking beyond to what’s coming next. And that includes HR professionals. So, what does the future hold? We expect several key changes to become even more entrenched in the coming years: The career progression of people from under-represented backgrounds tends to stall in mid-level and senior leadership roles. With 36 percent of HR leaders lacking accountability tools for DE&I outcomes, it’s incredibly difficult to track and effect…

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Floating holiday

What is a floating holiday?

A floating holiday is a paid day off that an employee can decide to take on a day of their choosing. It’s called a floating holiday because it can “float” to whichever day the person chooses. Companies usually provide these in addition to the standard paid holidays as a type of benefit.

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International Women's Day

Celebrating women in the modern workplace

Professional women in today’s workplace In February 2022, we conducted an in-depth study about “Women professionals in the modern workplace.” After two remarkable years of balancing life and work through a pandemic, we wanted to learn more about women’s perspectives about their places of work and hear how this extraordinary time of change has impacted them. In our study, we interviewed 3,000 women professionals: 1,000 in the US, 1,000 in the UK, and 1,000 in Australia.  We asked them all the same questions and received far different answers. All of our respondents…

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The advantages of the hybrid work model - Hibob

The advantages of the hybrid work model

Following the lifting of COVID lockdowns worldwide, a wide range of hybrid arrangements have emerged, granting employees flexibility that was seldom offered before. Read more about why hybrid work is an advantage.

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Signs you need a modern HRIS

4 reasons modern businesses need a modern HRIS

Strong company cultures are essential in the modern business world. They increase workplace satisfaction and help attract professionals whose values align with those of the business. They can even have a quantifiable impact on the business’s bottom line. But how do you measure the ROI of investing in your people? Modern HR tech.

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Stay interview

What is a stay interview?

A stay interview is a formal discussion between a leader and an employee to determine how to enhance the employee’s engagement. Stay interviews are one-on-one to encourage people to share information they may feel uncomfortable bringing up in a group setting.

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Best HR webinars Q1 2022

HiBob’s top 5 webinars of Q1 2022

Human resources is an ever-evolving industry. In order to be at the absolute top of your game, you need to keep up to date with all of the latest news. In the spirit of keeping you in the know, we’ve put together a list of some of HiBob’s best HR webinars from Q1 2022.

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Four Ways to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Experience - Partner-with-Checkr-webinar_featured-image.png

Four Ways to Streamline the Employee Onboarding Experience

Tune in for actionable insights to streamline and personalize a welcoming and supportive onboarding experience for your new hires.

Recruiting software

What is recruiting software?

Recruiting software is designed to help optimize the hiring process, automating repetitive tasks and offering data-based insights. It can improve the hiring workflow for HR professionals, recruiters, and hiring managers while enhancing the candidate experience.

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