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What is Continuous Feedback?

What is continuous feedback?

Continuous feedback is a process where you give feedback to employees (and receive it from them) on a regular basis—unlike a traditional performance review which is usually done once or twice a year.

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HR Tech Strategies for Succeeding in the New World of Work

5 ways to leverage HR tech and talent strategies to succeed in the modern world of work

Success for modern organizations starts with combining out-of-the-box workforce planning strategies with the adoption of modern HR tech.

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What is Internal Mobility?

What is internal mobility?

Internal mobility is the movement of employees within a company to new roles or positions. This can include promotions (vertical mobility), as well as transfers and role changes (lateral mobility).

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DEI&B Strategies Based on Benchmarking

Making strategic decisions: Benchmarking DEI&B progress over time

More than DE&I metrics is how organizations harness diversity and whether or not they reshape their power structures to accommodate diverse people and perspectives.

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Do more with less: Optimize workforce planning with powerful HR tech - Do-more-with-less_-Optimize-workforce-planning-with-powerful-HR-tech_Webinar_LP_banner-4.png

Do more with less: Optimize workforce planning with powerful HR tech

Learn from experts how to make data-driven talent decisions and improve processes.

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How Employee Experience Technology Reduces HR Stress

HR team burned out? Employee experience technology and can help.

HR technology can ease the burden on your teams, and support you as you create an even better work environment for everyone.

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What is a Salary Freeze?

What is a salary freeze?

A salary freeze, also known as a pay freeze, is when a business makes the difficult decision to suspend salary increases or merit increases for a certain period of time.

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Onboarding Survey Questions for New Hires

New hire survey questions you should be asking

How can you be sure that your onboarding process is a positive experience for new employees? The key to measuring success here lies in onboarding surveys.

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Dealing with Hybrid Work Challenges Monitoring Attendance

Dealing with hybrid work attendance challenges in the modern workplace

How do we effectively monitor attendance in a hybrid working environment? Read this article to find out.

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What is an HR Database?

What is an HR database?

An HR database is a system where you store and manage data on your company’s employees. HR databases can be used to track a variety of information, including HR metrics, which give the HR team insights for better decision-making.

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What is Ageism (Age Bias) in the Workplace?

What is ageism in the workplace?

Ageism in the workplace, also known as age bias, is when people discriminate against their colleagues and other professionals because of their age.

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What does Kudos Mean?

What does kudos mean?

When you give someone kudos, you’re recognizing what they’ve achieved and showing your appreciation. Giving kudos regularly, and making it a central part of your company’s work culture, can have a dramatic effect on various aspects of your business.

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What is an HRIS Director?

What is an HRIS director?

An HRIS director takes care of an organization's HRIS software, data, and processes. They work closely with the HR and IT departments to keep the technology behind HR processes running smoothly.

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What is Employee Loyalty?

What is employee loyalty?

Employee loyalty is when your people choose to continue working with you for a long time because they love doing so. If you improve employee loyalty, you won’t just boost your employee retention rates—you’ll notice a positive effect on your business as a whole.

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