Empowering Managers to Create an Inclusive Environment

How to empower people managers to create an environment of inclusion and belonging

In an interview presented at “The State of DEIB” virtual event, our Chief Customer Officer Adi Janowitz explained how managers can extend the value of belonging through interactions with people on their team, and what HiBob looks for when hiring or promoting new managers.

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Quiet Quitting

What is quiet quitting?

Quiet quitting refers to the phenomenon where employees fulfill only the duties specified in their job description and choose not to take on additional responsibilities without an official promotion and pay raise.

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employee resource group (ERG)

What is an Employee Resource Group (ERG?)

An Employee Resource Group (ERG) is a group of people within an organization who voluntarily join together based on shared identity, values, interests, perspectives, or goals.

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The Gen Z Professional

What drives Gen Z in the workplace?

Here are five things you should know to help motivate Gen Z in the workplace.

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Going Global? Best practices for preparing and managing expansion - CIPD-Annual-Conference-Post-Event_Webinar_loby-image-aspect-ratio-610-320.png

Going Global? Best practices for preparing and managing expansion

See insights on how to tackle a whole new set of challenges when scaling beyond your home market. Presented in front of a live audience at CIPD ACE 2022.

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Tackling Global HR Challenges

7 HR challenges in multi-national companies

In today’s global world, companies are simultaneously adopting remote and hybrid working models and expanding beyond their borders. This combination of international expansion and the ability to hire people from anywhere creates a more diverse workforce.

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Investing in HR Tech Is Still a Top Priority

Why investing in HR tech is still a top priority for modern businesses

Research by HiBob and CIPD shows that companies are all-in when it comes to getting HR the tech they need to get the job done—and they’re prioritizing all-in-one solutions over cost.

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HiBob Over Alternatives

HiBob vs alternatives

Whether you’ve realized that Excel sheets aren’t the best way for HR to hire and manage employees or you’ve outgrown a legacy system, there is indeed a better way. Human Resources Information Systems (HRIS)

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CIPD report lobby image

A top priority for today’s organisations: Investing in an HRIS

How essential is investing in HR software to companies, and what are their most important considerations when looking to invest? To find out, we undertook a research project together with CIPD where we surveyed 1,305 managers based in the UK who have HR decision-making responsibilities and are either junior managers, team leaders, or supervisor levels and above.

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Top US Payroll Companies

List of top payroll systems in the US

Making sure your people get paid on time is critical for businesses. It shows your people you value them, nurtures engagement, and supports business success. But running payroll isn’t easy and can be complex and time-consuming, especially if you have sites in multiple states or countries.

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ManyPets lobby image

How ManyPets supports 600+ remote workers and saves two days per month on payroll

ManyPets is a disruptor in the pet insurance space, dedicated to making the world a better place for pets and their parents. Over the past few years, the company has seen exponential growth, scaling from 30 to over 600 employees in three global locations while also moving to a remote-first model. As ManyPets grew, it became clear that the simple local HRIS they had been using wasn’t sufficient for their needs.

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Holiday Season with Bob

4 ways to ace the holiday season with Bob

However your company plans to celebrate the holidays, it’s always a busy time of year, with a lot to get done before you take some well-deserved time off. So, before you set up your “out of office,” here are four ways that Bob can help you to ensure a successful holiday season for you and your people.

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What is a job description? - Job-description-global-image.png

What is a job description?

A job description is a written explanation that outlines the essential responsibilities and requirements for a vacant position. Job descriptions should be thorough, clear, and concise.

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Best HR Books of 2023

Discover the best books for HR professionals in 2023

From books on specialist HR topics to titles discussing the broader issues facing HR people today, here are some new and classic books for HR professionals to add to their company library in 2023.

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What are the objectives of compensation management?

The objectives of compensation management are to attract, engage, and retain employees through competitive compensation plans that align with the company budget, corresponding job-market, and government regulations.

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