Diversity and inclusion with Shani

Creating workplaces where everyone is free to be themselves

Why should companies care about diversity? How can managers support inclusion? Shani Shitrit—activist and educator (and proud Bobber)—has the answers.

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amazing remote work cultures

8 tech companies with amazing remote work cultures

The pandemic has changed many things—especially the realities of working from home. Take a cue from these 8 tech companies that have gone all-in on remote work and created inspiring cultures in the process.

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Satisfaction vs engagement

How to level up from job satisfaction to employee engagement

Satisfied employees get the job done. Engaged employees demonstrate the high performance and innovation that can only come from enthusiasm for their work. Here's how to take your employees to the next level.

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PRIDE in the workplace 2021

Celebrating Pride: 3 steps for LGBTQ workplace inclusion

To celebrate Pride Month, we're sharing tips on how HR can create the kind of workplace where everyone is free to come as they are.

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Happy Women's Day

How companies can empower women in the workplace

We can do more to empower women to reach their potential, give women the freedom to be a mom and a boss, and create more equity at home and the office.

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3 reasons you should prioritize employee recognition - Give-em-credit-Blog-post.png

3 reasons you should prioritize employee recognition

When your focus is building successful teams that work together as a seamless unit, it might feel counterintuitive to single out employees for their accomplishments. But to keep every part of your team moving, you need to address each of them individually. Employee recognition is the act(s) of publicly and privately acknowledging individual achievements, and it's critical to increasing your business' bottom line. Here's how. Recognition and engagement are tied Engagement is known to be an important element of culture, productivity, and ultimately bottom-line results for your business. How does…

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How COVID-19 impacted employee wellness - Mental-health-during-COVID-19-Blog-post.png

How COVID-19 impacted employee wellness

Across continents, genders, and seniority levels, it seems we’re all feeling the same thing: we’re having a hard time. We checked in with 2000 workers across the US and UK about their mental health at work and how it’s been affected by the pandemic. To get the full picture we surveyed full-time employees from all walks of life, spanning different industries, seniority levels, and genders, and talked to them about how their lives have changed since COVID-19 took over the world. We discovered that, across the board, we’ve all been…

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69% of Candidates Reconsider Job Offers if The Company Culture Looks Toxic - adeolu-eletu-DqWEAOHsAvc-unsplash.jpg

69% of Candidates Reconsider Job Offers if The Company Culture Looks Toxic

In case you haven’t noticed, we’re pretty invested in employee experiences and showing corporate culture how to step into the new world of work. Company culture can make or break the organizational success of your business and we’ve got the stats to back it up, confirming that overworked employees are the largest turn-offs for potential new hires.  On behalf of us - HiBob! -  we conducted a new national survey through Pollfish. We surveyed 1,000 employees age 18 and up in the United States to find out what your potential…

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No More Sunday Scaries: HR’s Role in Addressing Workplace Anxiety - claire-k-1511923-unsplash.jpg

No More Sunday Scaries: HR’s Role in Addressing Workplace Anxiety

Based on recent research, work-related anxiety has grown to epidemic proportions. A LinkedIn survey finds that 80% of people get stressed about work even before a new work week begins, a phenomenon known as the “Sunday scaries.” Most people occasionally feel anxious at work. Hard deadlines, upcoming presentations, personnel changes, and office politics can contribute to heightened stress levels at certain points in time. But if some of your people feel anxious routinely, that’s when HR’s alarm bells should be going off. To ensure that your team members are maximizing…

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3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have - pexels-photo-669013.jpeg

3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have

It’s review time; time to talk about your performance over the last month, quarter or (heaven forbid) year. Even if you have hit all your goals and are feeling good about your work, the idea of a performance review might still be leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling. It doesn’t matter what side of the table you’re sitting on, and you probably sit on both - as a manager and a team member, performance conversations aren’t that fun. Additionally, mishandled performance conversations can negatively impact your team and lead to…

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Retaining new parents – why and how? - woman-in-corridor.jpeg

Retaining new parents – why and how?

Many new businesses start with great intentions, to create an innovative service or product and flexible and inclusive culture that attracts and keeps great talent. But marrying the two can be a challenge when HR budgets are slim and set up costs focus on output and delivery rather than internal policies and procedures. Hoping that your business will naturally grow with your employees and meet their changing needs as they arise is not the best plan for success. Unless you have a good understanding of what it means to become…

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