Is ‘Loving What You Do’ an Attainable Feat? - ian-schneider-66374-unsplash.jpg

Is ‘Loving What You Do’ an Attainable Feat?

‘Love what you do’ is a popular expression, but is it attainable in today’s new era of work? A recent study by consulting firm Eagle Hill found that a whopping 71% of tech employees (and 51% of all employees) in the Washington DC Metro Area would consider leaving their current job to work for Amazon. This statistic is a cause for alarm for any manager or CEO. So, how can you compete to retain the best talent and even go one step further by getting your employees to actually love…

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Turning Your Senior Team into Your ‘First’ Team - quino-al-249660-unsplash-2.jpg

Turning Your Senior Team into Your ‘First’ Team

A recent CEO survey, conducted by Hibob, taught us that people retention, culture and work/life balance are three of the top 10 work worries keeping CEOs up at night.   Although the lack of sleep isn’t a great thing for them - from a HR perspective this a huge step forward. It tells us the importance of culture and engagement are not only being recognised by the c-suite - but they are high on their agenda. It is no longer a secret that getting your culture strategy right is just…

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Is Your Team World Class? - action-adults-athletes-1238733-1-1140x741.jpg

Is Your Team World Class?

We all understand the importance of teamwork and collaboration in the workplace - and - if you read this blog - you’ll understand how to establish and maintain a high performing team. But how do we take our teams from performing well, to being world class? With the Six Nations tournament sweeping rugby fever across the country, it didn’t take me long to start looking at successful sports teams for inspiration! Corporate teams have multiple measures for success: productivity, ROI, OKRs etc, but sports teams tend to have just one…

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Turning the Knowledge of What Makes a Great Team into a Reality - backlit-clouds-dusk-853168-2.jpg

Turning the Knowledge of What Makes a Great Team into a Reality

With the six nations rugby tournament kicking off this weekend - the beauty of teamwork is about to be praised, scathed and critiqued by every media outlet and every armchair commentator across all six of those nations involved. And all of those opinions (professional and otherwise) will have one common factor -  teamwork is essential to success! So what can corporate teams learn from the world-class players out there representing their countries? The truth is - high performing sports teams use all the same tactics that we know we should…

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How HR can address the challenges posed by gig economy workers - kaylah-otto-491988-unsplash.jpg

How HR can address the challenges posed by gig economy workers

The contingent workforce, or gig economy workforce, is great for business. They provide a flexible workforce to help cover peaks, expand the business and respond to unforeseen needs.  However, the legal and tax framework for the gig economy is constantly changing. When the IR35 regime for public sector was introduced in April 2018, it increased the cost of freelance workers by an average of 10% and created a skills shortage as workers moved to the private sector.  In a recent webinar, I discussed the key things you need to do…

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A Modern Approach to Talent - talent-groups.png

A Modern Approach to Talent

After years of talk about the need for a shift in Performance Reviews, it’s here. We see it with our clients: from a focus on evaluation to forward-thinking discussions. Ratings are still there, but they are not the bottom line. But there’s something that has been bothering us here at bob for a while: Calibration, a key process that actually decides who gets what (raise, bonus, training etc.) hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Companies either schedule clandestine talent review meetings where managers meet to rate employees or they rely…

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Four Ways to Know Whether Your Teams Have Enough Autonomy - art-board-game-challenge-163064.jpg

Four Ways to Know Whether Your Teams Have Enough Autonomy

As a manager, you’re focused on achieving and facilitating the best results for your team. To do this you need to create a workplace culture where team members are motivated to give their best while also supporting their colleagues’ efforts. Getting the most out of your teams depends on keeping team members engaged, and this can only happen when they feel free to make important job-related decisions. It’s all about choice, but how much autonomy should your teams have?   Too much choice? Having complete autonomy can make it difficult…

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The Performance Review’s Four Fatal Flaws - ball-ball-shaped-blur-879718-1.jpg

The Performance Review’s Four Fatal Flaws

The changes that do us the most good are often those that are most difficult to make. At work, one habit that many companies can’t seem to shake is the traditional performance review. You know the one I’m talking about, the annual ritual that forces managers to give a limited amount of high marks to a certain percentage of employees and provide just enough feedback to justify another evaluation next year. All this process does is create tension for everyone at work. In my over 20 years as a human…

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How You Can Turn Great Talents into an Unstoppable Team - takahiro-sakamoto-178580-unsplash.jpg

How You Can Turn Great Talents into an Unstoppable Team

  When you want to build a high-performing team, it makes sense to bring together the best of the best. Leaders often begin a new role in a new organisation by handpicking a team to follow them. On paper this should work: hire the most qualified individuals to build a dream team. However, the reality can be quite different. Imagine being in charge of the Olympic 100m relay team. You have some pretty awesome sprinters to choose from! So, you pick the best four to run the race, the ones…

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Take the stress out of feedback: 5 ways to critique a colleague - nik-macmillan-280300-unsplash-1.jpg

Take the stress out of feedback: 5 ways to critique a colleague

“He has a right to criticize, who has a heart to help.” – Abraham Lincoln Very few of us actually enjoy telling someone the work they’re doing isn’t up to par. But giving constructive feedback at the right time is crucial - to your individual growth, your colleagues’ development, and your company’s success. Adam Grant, a highly respected organizational psychologist, puts it best: "If you look at the data, one of the biggest drivers of success... is your ability to seek and use negative feedback...because that really determines how close…

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Worried Your Best Employees Will Leave? Make Them An Offer They Can’t Refuse

CEOs polled by the Conference Board C-Suite Challenge survey ranked failure to attract and retain talent as their No. 1 concern, followed by creating new business models and cash-flow volatility. In today’s job market, highly qualified candidates are an increasingly rare commodity. To remain competitive, organizational leaders have been forced to focus their efforts on getting, engaging and keeping top talent. In this environment, talent management is no longer a bonus, but a critical corporate function.   Below, are some pearls of wisdom from the world’s top executives on how…

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3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have - pexels-photo-669013.jpeg

3 Things Your Performance Conversations Should Have

It’s review time; time to talk about your performance over the last month, quarter or (heaven forbid) year. Even if you have hit all your goals and are feeling good about your work, the idea of a performance review might still be leaving you with an uncomfortable feeling. It doesn’t matter what side of the table you’re sitting on, and you probably sit on both - as a manager and a team member, performance conversations aren’t that fun. Additionally, mishandled performance conversations can negatively impact your team and lead to…

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Brexit Churn Is Here: How to Convince Your Non-Uk Workforce to Stay - business-team-meeting-boardroom_4460x4460.jpg

Brexit Churn Is Here: How to Convince Your Non-Uk Workforce to Stay

While the terms of Brexit are still unknown, it’s already having an effect on retention in UK businesses. The solution? A great employee appreciation strategy. A recent survey by Alexander Mann Solutions found that retention is the No. 1 concern of 23% of HR leaders in the UK. And while the same survey found that only 9% rated Brexit as their key concern, Jeremy Tipper, the Director of Consulting and Innovation for Alexander Mann made the following connection: “There is an unquestionable link between Brexit and the acute focus on…

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Retaining new parents – why and how?

Many new businesses start with great intentions, to create an innovative service or product and flexible and inclusive culture that attracts and keeps great talent. But marrying the two can be a challenge when HR budgets are slim and set up costs focus on output and delivery rather than internal policies and procedures. Hoping that your business will naturally grow with your employees and meet their changing needs as they arise is not the best plan for success. Unless you have a good understanding of what it means to become…

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It’s all about the people - TEAM2b.jpg

It’s all about the people

How do you hire and keep great employees? ...OR why did I really join Hibob. The biggest worry that most CEOs and founders have will surprise you. It’s neither finances, focus, nor lack of time. It’s how to recruit, engage, and retain the best people for their business. A recent survey by First Round Capital confirms this. For the second year in a row, First Round reported that founders’ primary concern is talent management. Even more important than sales and revenue, company founders believe that hiring great employees remains their…

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