What’s the next thing you want to learn? 

2021 was full of all kinds of challenges–but there were some bright spots too. Many of us found ways to up our game, learn new skills, and expand our professional knowledge. 

To help our friends and customers, we’ve compiled a list of our best HR webinars of the past year. So, if you’d like to take another step forward, here’s what you can learn:

  • How to improve employee engagement and increase mobility
  • What it takes to create a company culture that goes beyond diversity
  • Why money isn’t enough and how to form better benefits and compensation packages

We’re going to show you where to start, what you can expect to learn, and introduce you to the experts who can help make 2022 your most productive year yet.

1. Prioritizing career development and internal mobility throughout the employee lifecycle

Paying people is no longer enough. Companies facing “The Great Resignation” are scrambling for ways to increase employee retention, boost loyalty, and make their people proud to work for them.

That’s where career development and internal mobility come in. 

People who can picture themselves in your company in five years are likely to stay with your company for the next five years–and more.

Meet the experts

Our webinars bring together industry leaders at the top of their game, and this webinar is no exception. Here’s a quick snapshot of the panel:

  • Amanda Friedl is the Director of Partnerships at Kashable and former VP of Strategic Partners at JazzHR
  • Bryce Weintert is the Creative Operations Manager at teambuilding.com
  • Kevin Campbell is an Employee Experience Scientist

What to expect

The small panel of HR leaders in this webinar covers how to increase loyalty and mobility. You’ll get insights into:

  • How to discuss employee mobility as part of the recruitment process to recruit better talent
  • Using employee self-assessment as a tool during the performance review process
  • How employee evaluations and performance reviews enhance employee experience

Ready to learn more about improving employee mobility? Watch the full webinar here.

2. Employee retention strategies for the new world of work

Employee retention has always been a priority for businesses, but its importance has only heightened since the pandemic. Now, employers are focusing on reducing turnover rates so they can maintain a high level of productivity. And managing these changes requires high levels of strategy and engagement.

Meet the experts

Here are the two people we brought together to help our customers and HR professionals boost their retention rates:

What to expect

As these two HR thought leaders talk through the subject, they cover key strategies including:

  • Helping people find a better work-life balance
  • Managing compensation and benefits to add value to people’s work experience
  • Infusing a sense of purpose into the company culture and individual job

3. The new workplace: What employees should expect in 2022

So much changed during 2020 and 2021 that employees and employers alike may be wondering what to expect in 2022. 

Our panel of HR leaders delves into the future of the workplace during the next 12 months, and longer. They explore the potential changes and how to manage your people better.

Meet the experts

This webinar features three directors, a moderator, and many great questions from the live online audience. 

Here are the panel members:

What to expect

The panel travels through a fascinating discussion around how to manage upcoming changes.

They reveal:

  • How to balance accountability and micromanagement 
  • Which unique employee benefits can be offered in 2022
  • How remote and hybrid work arrangements can work in regulated industries, like finance

Looking into the future prompts many questions, and the audience was highly active with their questions during this webinar. Click here to see all of it.

4. Moving beyond diversity

When people feel free to be who they are–both privately and publicly–they’re likely to be more passionate and engaged with your business.

But of course, DE&I is about far more than just ticking boxes. It’s crucial for every business to move beyond diversity as a statistic to build equity and inclusion throughout the company culture.

Meet the experts

This webinar features Natasha Shifrin, HiBob’s Global Outbound Sales Director, alongside Amber Vandenburg from the Pathwayz Group.

What to expect

During this webinar, the key idea is how to grow a culture of equity and inclusion rather than simply building a statistically diverse workforce. 

Along the way, you’ll learn:

  • How to start building inclusion during the recruitment process
  • What a Cultural Safety Committee is and whether your company needs one
  • The key challenges to effectively implementing a DE&I policy

If you’re working through your DE&I changes and could do with some helpful insights, you can watch the webinar here.

5. Creating a well-balanced compensation and benefits strategy

Generally speaking, people work in order to get paid. We know life isn’t that simple, though. 

The world of work has grown more complex and providing competitive employee benefits packages is essential. 

Companies offering more attractive compensation can recruit better talent than companies who simply offer the basics. This webinar can help you understand how to make your company’s pay and benefits sparkle.

Meet the experts

This webinar was led by three brilliant experts from different–but equally as exciting–companies. 

You’ll be learning all about compensation and benefits, from:

What to expect

This webinar is packed full of value, including how to: 

  • Understand the pain points of offering excellent compensation and benefits packages
  • Create a new pay and compensation policy
  • Approach company culture and compensation

If you’re an HR professional or developing a benefits and compensation package, you can watch this webinar to help you understand the process.

The bottom line: Embrace new ways of thinking

The world of HR is fast-paced. In these changing times, it’s more important than ever to be flexible and open to adopting progressive work ideologies and strategies. We hope our top five webinars from 2021 gave you some food for thought and will help you improve your skills and expand your knowledge in 2022.

Looking for more great material? Check out our resource center and stay tuned for an exceptional lineup of webinars in 2022.

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