At HiBob, our number one goal is to make life for our customers and prospects as easy as possible. Whenever we develop a new module or update features in Bob, we make decisions based on conversations with our customers, industry experts, and market research. The same goes for who we build partnerships with.

I’m thrilled to announce HiBob’s partnership and integration with Deel, a payroll and compliance system for modern, global organizations. In today’s new world of work, this is a partnership that just makes sense: Both companies are committed to providing flexible, scalable solutions to modern companies with expanding multi-national teams.

Payroll and people challenges in the new world of work

More than ever, modern companies need to support diverse and dispersed workforces, and they need the right tech to help them do it. Today’s companies need to be able to easily onboard and pay people anywhere in the world under any kind of contract–whether it’s hourly, salaried, or freelance.

To understand the nuances of companies’ payroll and work structure issues, we asked 1,000 HR professionals in H2 2021 about their payroll challenges in the new world of work. Here are some insights:

Almost half—48 percent—of HR professionals at mid-sized companies said they have. Overall, 45 percent of companies changed their payroll system to accommodate their evolving needs.

We also asked respondents if their companies began rolling back flexible remote and hybrid work policies because of limitations with their payroll systems.

Again, 48 percent of respondents at mid-sized companies said payroll limitations forced them to scale back their workplace flexibility policies, and 42 percent of all respondents reported the same.

Since the pandemic, companies everywhere have had to figure out how to make remote and hybrid work structures succeed. The Great Resignation and war for talent have added even more pressure to fill talent gaps. New HR strategies embrace recruiting freelance talent and contractors and building infrastructures to support dispersed teams around the world, but they introduce many new challenges. Payroll tops the list.

The HiBob-Deel solution

HiBob and Deel’s combined solution allows companies to scale easily as they expand globally. The flexible integration simplifies hiring and onboarding processes and cuts right through multi-national payroll bureaucracy with support for different currencies and local compliance laws.

New hires–no matter where they are or what kind of contract they’re under–only have to upload their data once. The data automatically feeds into both HiBob and Deel, cutting down the time needed to input data manually. After it’s uploaded, you can view, sync, and update it through one centralized dashboard. This simple solution minimizes human error and increases companies’ flexibility when it comes to managing contract types, payment cycles, work arrangements, and more.

Solving payroll bureaucracy takes a village

Long before we discussed a partnership, HiBob and Deel discovered we shared many customers, like Pollen, Veed, Festicket, and Yulife. Our customers came to us for our expertise in tech built for modern, multi-national companies and continue to rely on our support as they grow.

When we first started talking to each other about a partnership and tech integration, HiBob and Deel discovered we shared more than customers. We share values, goals, and a commitment to customer success. This combination is what makes HiBob’s HR tech and Deel’s payroll platform work together the way every HRIS and payroll system should.

Yoav Gur

From Yoav Gur

Yoav is a business development professional passionate about revolutionizing the way modern companies engage with their talent. At HiBob, he focuses on strategic partnerships, M&A, geographic expansion, and other strategic initiatives. When he is not making PowerPoint slides, he can be found listening to history and politics podcasts.