What is a performance appraisal?

What is a performance appraisal?

A performance appraisal, also known as a performance review, is a routine evaluation of an employee's progress and achievements. Generally, people dread the annual performance appraisal. It's often anxiety-inducing and can leave people feeling unmotivated to perform high-quality work. Recent trends, however, have spurred companies to implement more frequent performance appraisals (quarterly, for example) that provide constructive criticism and practical guidance to support employee success. Why should HR leaders care about performance appraisals? The new and improved performance appraisals function as performance benchmarks and allow team members to receive consistent,…

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Performance management cycle

What is a performance management cycle?

A performance management cycle is a method of guiding employees to enhance their productivity and work quality. The performance management cycle integrates ongoing support, feedback, and evaluations to facilitate employee growth that aligns with the company’s business goals. The cycle includes four components: Planning involves establishing a development plan, measurable company objectives, employee goals, and essential behaviors for success.Monitoring includes meetings and reassessments to ensure that people continually progress. Reviewing occurs at the end of the annual or biannual cycle to enable employees and management to evaluate the process and the…

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Performance Map

What is a performance map?

A performance map is a chart that visually portrays employees’ performance to help leaders analyze their potential and capabilities. The performance map, like the 9-box grid, illustrates strengths and weaknesses. However, while the 9-box model is based solely on performance and potential, performance mapping allows leaders to choose any two factors and customize the grid.   Effective performance maps should: Spur dialogue concerning employee performanceProvide a clear visual depiction of job performanceStreamline the organization process and presentation of performance scores  Why should HR leaders care about performance maps? The performance map…

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9-box model

What is 9-box model?

The 9-box model, also known as the 9-box grid, is a tool used to analyze, display, and compare employee work performance and potential. This user-friendly performance map is a talent management tool that helps HR and managers effectively identify leaders and strategically prepare employees for future roles. The 9-box model is a self-explanatory chart that helps leaders place the right person in the right position at the right time.  The grid includes an X and Y axis, with the X-axis representing performance and the Y-axis, potential. Leadership teams can measure…

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employee performance evaluation

What is an employee performance evaluation?

An employee performance evaluation is an assessment process that tracks an employee's work progress throughout the employment period.  Like performance reviews, employee performance evaluations document the employee’s journey-- their accomplishments, setbacks, strengths, and weaknesses-- to provide a big picture of the overall work performance.  Depending on the company, its structure, and the industry, organizations may use different criteria and metrics for their evaluation system. Some organizations may prefer to incorporate the 360-degree review or staff review, while others may rely heavily on self-assessment and manager observation.   Why should HR leaders…

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What is performance management?

Performance management is a comprehensive method of tracking employees' work performances and developing their skills so they can contribute optimally to department and company objectives.

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What is a 360-degree review?

A 360-degree review is a feedback system that enables designated staff members, colleagues, and managers to evaluate an employee’s work performance and competencies.

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What is a performance-based bonus?

A performance based bonus is an extra compensation granted to an employee as a reward for reaching pre-established goals and benchmarks.

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What is a performance review? - Performance-reviews-Glossary-banner-1.png

What is a performance review?

A Performance review is an in-depth assessment that managers conduct to gauge employee progress, strengths, and weaknesses, to help improve their productivity.

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