HR business partner

What is an HR business partner?

An HR business partner (HRBP) is a senior HR professional who collaborates with executives to facilitate alignment between business objectives and HR strategy.  An HR business partner represents the HR department to executives, contributing valuable people solutions to drive positive business outcomes. HR influencer Josh Bersin discusses the essential competencies of a high-caliber HRBP, which include:  IntegrityAgilitySocial networking skillsKnowledge of the business and its jargon Digital competency and data analysisCourage and leadership Empathy Critical thinkingProblem-solving Sandy Allgeier, SPHR, refers to HR business partners as “internal consultants” because they advise managers and executives on…

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Notice period

A notice period is the amount of time between notification of an employee’s departure or dismissal and the employee’s last day at work. The notice period applies to both employees and employers. An employee who intends to resign should inform their employer in advance, and an employer should notify an employee before terminating employment. In the U.S., employment relationships are at-will by default: employers and employees can end the relationship for any legitimate, rightful reason. Because the at-will system can feel insecure, most companies implement employment contracts that define the…

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What is due diligence? - Due-diligence-Glossary-banner-2.png

What is due diligence?

Due diligence is the inspection of a business agreement to assess its integrity and the risks involved. Like preparing homework before an upcoming lesson, exercising due diligence equips the relevant parties with the information they need before entering into a business contract or mutual relationship.

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What is an HR functions list?

An HR functions list is a guide that defines the five core responsibilities of HR professionals, summarizes their priorities, and clarifies their mission.  An HR functions list: Defines the HR department's role in the workplace Promotes positive collaboration between HR professionals  Aligns HR's objectives with the company mission Why would we need an HR functions list? HR professionals facilitate the behind-the-scenes preparations, setting the stage for employees to perform high-quality work. HR staff fills a variety of dynamic roles that demand different skills. Consolidating the HR functions into a list can encourage…

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What is social distancing in the workplace?

Social distancing in the workplace is a government-mandated protocol designed to minimize the spread of COVID-19 in office settings.

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People Management

What is people management?

People management refers to the practice of recruiting, training, engaging, and retaining people to optimize their talent and maximize their productivity. People management strategies address people’s needs, unique talents, and career objectives while supporting their alignment with company goals and values.

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