benefits programs Hibob

The ultimate guide to what people really want

Foreword When even the supermarkets are sending us personalized offers, people expect at least as much from their employers. Every year UK businesses spend billions of pounds on benefits.The keyword in there being ‘benefit’... the stuff you spend all that money on to look after your staff! Much to our concern, our research tells us only 1 in 3 employees understands and actually uses their benefits often. What does this mean? Billions of pounds are being wasted on benefits that fail to resonate, offering little upside to anyone other than…

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HiBob VS BambooHR

Why customers choose HiBob vs. BambooHR

Modern HR tech for modern business It’s true. HR leaders are the movers and shakers of the industry today. From honing soft skills and strategy to decisions on hybrid work policies, HR leaders are making the decisions that shape the experiences people have grown to expect in this modern world of work.  Yes, technology helps. But it can also hinder.  Investing in HR tech requires an eye to the future (or a crystal ball). Either way, HR is expected to manage change faster than before. The quicker HR reacts, the…

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