Automating and scaling HR processes at BenchSci - Roald Harvey
Roald Harvey
Head of People Operations
Automating and scaling HR processes at BenchSci - Brittni Goldberg
Brittni Goldberg
Customer Success Manager

It’s more important than ever to map out how your team can best manage the intricacies of a global workforce while creating tailored, localized experiences for employees across different sites. What’s even more important is building and automating that journey to effectively scale your business while providing employees with the support and tools they need, no matter where they sit in the world.

During this session at Lever Ascend 2021, Roald Harvey, Head of People Operations at BenchSci, and Brittni Goldberg, Customer Success Manager at HiBob, discussed the importance of automating and streamlining your HR processes, including how to leverage people data, what to look for in an HRIS/HCM, and more. 

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