Moving Beyond Diversity to Cultures of Inclusivity and Belonging


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Moving Beyond Diversity to Cultures of Inclusivity and Belonging - Natasha Shifrin
Natasha Shifrin
Global Director Hibob

Today, most companies understand the benefits of diversity. However, many still struggle with their DE&I efforts. While hiring a more diverse talent pool is critical, it’s only one side of the equation. To truly reap the benefits of diversity, companies must create inclusive organizational cultures where everyone feels they belong. So, how can HR make sure they’re looking beyond diversity, especially in remote and hybrid work? In our session at HR of Tomorrow, Natasha Shifrin, Global Director at HiBob highlighted processes and programs to ensure you’re on the right track to a more inclusive organization.  

Watch this session where Natasha discusses: 

  • How to outwardly prioritize diversity and inclusion
  • How to build a diversity and inclusion committee
  • Ways to create a remote culture of recognition, as recognition can help drive inclusivity. 
  • Top trends when hiring global teams and onboarding them remotely
  • Tips to build better employee-manager relationships while promoting a sense of belonging.