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State of Onboarding research report

Only 12% of employees think companies have done a great job with onboarding. Hibob enables new recruits to weigh in on their onboarding preferences, unearthing attitudes about what makes them feel welcome and what turns them off from the start. Using such data to customize your company’s onboarding process is one of many facets of Hibob’s personalized, holistic, and data-driven approach to people management.

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company culture research Hibob

Company culture research report

Introduction Today’s new world of work poses an entirely new set of challenges unbeknownst to business leaders and HR managers of the past. Imagine an HR manager in 1975 budgeting for weekly staff yoga sessions! The competitive advantage of companies that invest in their employee experiences is widely recognized. Management values the importance of a healthy and inspirational company culture in every facet of an employee’s daily interactions, and its impact on the company’s bottom line. Furthermore, in today’s tight labor market, we stand to lose top talent if we…

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Talent management survey - The-ultimate-survey-to-talent-management-survey-main-image.png

The ultimate talent management survey

CIPD and Hibob joined forces to understand what HR professionals think about current trends in performance management.

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