“The Great Resignation” is an even greater concern for mid-sized companies - Insights-for-mid-sized-companies_-Avoiding-the-Great-Resignation-Global-image.png

“The Great Resignation” is an even greater concern for mid-sized companies

This past August, HiBob conducted a national survey to understand the current sentiment of the U.S. workforce. Amid what industry experts are calling “The Great Resignation,” we wanted to understand what employees want, why they might leave their current jobs, and what HR leaders can do to prevent the “turnover tsunami” from taking their star employees.  The study uncovers the reasoning behind the rise in resignations and shows that mid-sized companies (50-1,000 employees) are more likely to see employees quit compared to small (1-50 employees) and large companies (1,000+ employees). …

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How to retain your own employees when everyone is out to get them

HiBob surveyed APJ professionals to determine how they see the future of their employment and development of their careers in 2022.

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Return to work study: Flexibility drives employee happiness - flexibility-

Return to work study: flexibility drives employee happiness

Our most recent study proves what we’ve already known—flexibility leads to productivity and happiness. Companies must realize that the new normal is here and ensure their policies put people first so they perform at their best.

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