Young Generation in Tech: Spotlight on Germany - Young-generation-in-tech-report-lobby-banner.png

Managing young generation in tech: Spotlight on Germany

In the last decade, tech start-ups have been an attractive career choice as they enable highly motivated people to join ambitious and mission driven teams.

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What we need to ask employees before coming back to the office - Talking-about-the-coming-back-Blog-post.png

What we need to ask employees before coming back to the office

As we are preparing to go back to work at the office, we are preparing to meet a new normal. When we were sent home months ago, either to work from home or to shelter-in-place, the world looked different—we commuted, we maybe even drank coffee at the cafe. Now, to bring back the world from the social and economic standstill, we need to get back to our offices in a new way.  We were sent home for our own safety—and the new way of work is built to keep us…

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How digital tools are reducing WFH isolation during COVID-19 - Home-but-not-alone-Blog-post.png

How digital tools are reducing WFH isolation during COVID-19

Within a week, most professionals found themselves working from home. That’s the story of the COVID-19 pandemic and its effect on our work lives. Decisions made by our companies, governments, and medical professionals pushed us all into pseudo-social isolation—with communications technology and digital tools available as a single saving grace. With so much of the world under lockdown, what digital tools are we relying on to stay in touch—and sane? Communication networks show massive growth Data from communications networks show stunning growth in the number of calls made during this…

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Hybrid work study: Managers and HR must join forces - Hybrid-work-study-Managers-and-HR-must-join-forces-lobby-image.png

Hybrid work study: Managers and HR must join forces

We conducted a global survey to understand the workplace sentiments of employees and managers during the period of intense hybrid and remote work due to the global pandemic. Our research reveals findings, including that HR must pinpoint ways to engage with middle managers and individual contributors.

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Return to work study: Flexibility drives employee happiness - flexibility-

Return to work study: flexibility drives employee happiness

Our most recent study proves what we’ve already known—flexibility leads to productivity and happiness. Companies must realize that the new normal is here and ensure their policies put people first so they perform at their best.

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HiBob The future of work is hybrid

The future of work is hybrid

What have we learned? Being at work does not mean being at the office. The new normal is not going to be the same; people expect to be able to work from home after proving they can be productive.

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employee engagement HiBob

Employee engagement is found to be a key factor in overcoming WFH isolation

Overcoming WFH isolation using HR tech The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unexpected, irreversible impact on our personal and professional lives. Around the world, people of all ages have been forced into “social distancing,” quarantines, and isolation in order to control the virus’ spread. Businesses have been shuttered, bars and restaurants have taken huge financial hits and millions are unemployed or on unpaid leave. For employees of traditionally office-based companies— like us—workdays have shifted from sitting with colleagues and friends to working from home, relying on video conference calls to…

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