Zappi Nucleus 83%

Nucleus Research: Zappi Achieves a 83% ROI with HiBob

Zappi achieved an 83 percent ROI upon implementing Bob and recovered its initial investment in the solution less than two years after deployment. Nucleus found that with Bob, Zappi was able to save more than £120,000 in employee and manager time costs annually, maintaining this efficiency through a 30 percent increase in headcount while improving employee engagement and reporting.

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Women in the Workplace 2023: An In-Depth Study

Celebrating professional women in the modern workplace

In February 2023, we conducted our second annual in-depth study on professional women in the modern workplace.

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Young Generation in Tech: Spotlight on Germany - Young-generation-in-tech-report-lobby-banner.png

Managing young generation in tech: Spotlight on Germany

In the last decade, tech start-ups have been an attractive career choice as they enable highly motivated people to join ambitious and mission driven teams.

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HR Research and Data HiBob

HiBob’s research
data-based thought leadership in 2019

The impact of onboarding A company’s onboarding process directly affects employee inclusion and retention. Our research found that 64% of employees are driven to leave a job after a bad onboarding experience. We learned that new joiners are looking for a clear, personalized process that offers organic opportunities for getting to know coworkers. (19M): How to Prevent Bad Onboarding So Great Hires Don’t Leave YouOnboarding needs to be professional, but it also needs to be human. Think about how you would feel and what you'd want in a new…

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employee engagement HiBob

Employee engagement is found to be a key factor in overcoming WFH isolation

Overcoming WFH isolation using HR tech The COVID-19 pandemic has had an unexpected, irreversible impact on our personal and professional lives. Around the world, people of all ages have been forced into “social distancing,” quarantines, and isolation in order to control the virus’ spread. Businesses have been shuttered, bars and restaurants have taken huge financial hits and millions are unemployed or on unpaid leave. For employees of traditionally office-based companies— like us—workdays have shifted from sitting with colleagues and friends to working from home, relying on video conference calls to…

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company culture research HiBob

Company culture research report

Introduction Today’s new world of work poses an entirely new set of challenges unbeknownst to business leaders and HR managers of the past. Imagine an HR manager in 1975 budgeting for weekly staff yoga sessions! The competitive advantage of companies that invest in their employee experiences is widely recognized. Management values the importance of a healthy and inspirational company culture in every facet of an employee’s daily interactions, and its impact on the company’s bottom line. Furthermore, in today’s tight labor market, we stand to lose top talent if we…

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