How to implement your first compensation plan - Compensation-plan_Lobby-image.png

How to implement your first compensation plan

When pay decisions rely on gut instincts, gender bias, and unreliable data, compensation decisions can create complications and setbacks. To replace your ad-hoc compensation plans with a solid strategy, you must consider what’s included in the program, how compensation impacts the employee life cycle, as well as when—and how—you should launch your strategy.

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Creating your strategic HR plan

What is an HR plan? An HR plan provides a clear roadmap for HR professionals to deliver on their organization's business goals. It encompasses the programs and plans around things like culture, tools, internal comms, hybrid/remote work, and benefits that the HR team owns. The introduction of an HR plan helps modern businesses prevent staffing shortages and surpluses—and ensures the best fit between employees and jobs. HR plans consider your organization's people today and forecast future work demands. With a clear HR plan, companies can remain productive and profitable. An…

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