It’s no secret that HR is transforming rapidly. New technologies and software allow managers to save time and resources on admin tasks, while effectively managing and retaining talent. Technology also provides a medium for education; through podcasts and Slack Communities, HR professionals and managers alike can learn from respected industry innovators and researchers to effectively manage their company’s most valuable asset – their people.

Keeping up-to-date on the evolving world of HR doesn’t have to feel exhausting and it’s more than possible to mitigate imminent struggle. That’s why we’ve listed our eight favorite podcasts and Slack Communities for your engaging pleasure: 

Put these podcasts at the top of your playlist

1. HBR IdeaCast
The impressive guest list of Harvard Business Review’s IdeaCast has fueled this podcast’s staying power. Ever since we talked about it on our list of top HR podcasts of 2018, this podcast has exploded in popularity and content. Discussions with Stanford’s Ronald Howard and Google’s Eric Schmidt make this podcast indispensable for those involved in HR and business.

Insider tip: Check out episode 498, titled “4 Types of Conflict and How to Manage Them,” for a chat with Amy Gallo about common workplace conflicts and proven tactics to resolve them.

2. HR Happy Hour
Hosted by Steve Boese, Co-Chair of the HR Technology Conference and Trish McFarlane, CEO of H3 HR Advisors, this podcast is the longest-running and top-downloaded podcast focused on HR. With 378 episodes and counting, there is a plethora of great content on this well-established show. From performance reviews to implementing HR technology, “HR Happy Hour” always provides interesting takes that you can discuss – at happy hour!

Insider Tip: Check out episode 370, titled “Elevating the Employee Experience with HR Technology,” for an introduction to the importance of having a viable and adaptive HR platform.

3. CIPD Podcast
With very accessible podcasts – found on every major platform – CIPD is another long-running broadcast worth your time. Their relatively short duration (20-30 minutes) and broad coverage of pertinent topics make this podcast perfect for commuters. Unlike other publications, CIPD voices the opinions of more than 135,000 members globally; this unique conflation of diverse viewpoints provides multiple solutions to common issues in the workplace.

Insider tip: Check out episode 146, titled “Future of Flexible Working,” for a brief introduction to the prognosis for the future of non-traditional working hours and practices.

4. The Talent Angle With Scott Engler
Talent development is one of the most pressing issues facing modern companies. Scott Engler’s podcast provides fresh and unconventional approaches to nurturing and managing talent; distinguished guests ranging from economists to coaches make every episode an exciting and new experience.

Insider tip: Check out episode 52, titled “The NETFLIX Way: Former Chief Talent Officer, Patty McCord, on Empowering the Workforce.” In this riveting episode, we are provided with an invaluable look into McCord’s work at NETFLIX and the policies she implemented to fuel its growth into a tech giant.

Drop-in on these Slack Communities for #inspo

For those unfamiliar, Slack is a real-time messaging app that is used as a medium of communication between employees. Here at Hibob, we are fully integrated with Slack and use it for internal communication. Slack Communities (similar to Facebook groups) are where like-minded individuals can discuss targeted topics in a high-engagement setting. 

Here are our picks for top HR Slack Communities:

1. #PeoplePeople
People switch jobs more frequently today than ever before; in this community, recruiters, HR professionals, and talent evaluators can share ideas, tips, and work to build a desirable company culture. The high-engagement and substantial content shared in this group make it a must-see for any HR professional.

Best For: Sharing HR ideas, tips, tricks, and advice.

2. #People
Similar to #PeoplePeople (in purpose and in name!), #People serves as a place where ideas are shared and commented on. Often times, employees are hesitant to try an idea and are paralyzed by the fear of failure. This safe community is comprised of accomplished individuals, each of whom passed the thorough application process. 

Best For: Building foundational HR skills and your personal network with accomplished and recognized members.

3. #HRtoHR
Here is another example of technology revolutionizing traditional business practices. Instead of relying upon boring, expensive conferences, questions can be answered remotely and advice is shared in this HR-specific group. Instant answers and complimentary access make this community attractive to all.

Best For: Getting instant answers to pressing questions pertaining to HR.

4. #RecruitingInnovators
Unlike other groups, #RecruitingInnovators is tailored towards recruiting and networking: find new job postings and make valuable connections in a centralized location. New products and trends are also discussed, rendering it irreplaceable for the modern HR employee. 

Best For: Locating new jobs and discussing new technology specific to the HR industry. 

The working world is changing fast, but you don’t have to let it take you for a wild ride. You can stop and enjoy the detours that allow you to pick up the latest trends and practices being taught and informed via podcasts and Slack Communities. Each channel acts as a learning outlet that suits different comprehension styles. Luckily, with such a diverse group of options like these, you’re bound to find the perfect place for HR exploration, research, and growth – both professionally and personally!

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From Stephanie Stevens

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