What Is the Bradford Factor and How Do You Calculate It?

The Bradford Factor explained: Meaning and how to calculate

The Bradford Factor is based on the theory that shorter, more frequent absences are more detrimental to an organization than longer, less frequent ones.

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Inspiring Employee Empowerment Examples That Really Work

Employee empowerment examples: Inspiring ways to empower your people

When your team is brimming with purpose and motivation, it makes a difference in everything they do.

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Navigating the Hybrid Work Landscape

The productivity puzzle: How to navigate hybrid work

While remote work is labeled the scapegoat for low productivity, the data says the opposite.

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Keeping Your Workforce’s Skills Relevant in the Age of AI

Human skills to focus on in the age of AI to keep your workforce professionally relevant

A modern workforce planning strategy asks what skill gaps you need to fill and how investing in AI upskilling can drive long-term business transformation.

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Employee Performance Metrics You Need to Track

Top 12 employee performance metrics to track

As HR professionals know, employee performance metrics are more than just simple numbers on a screen.

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Creating your DE&I policy: Example included

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) policy example

An effective diversity, equity, and inclusion policy is an essential feature for any modern organization.

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How to ace HR digital transformation

Why tech adoption is the key to acing HR digital transformation

Strategic HR tech adoption boosts the business, and it’s up to HR pros to get it right. Here’s why tech adoption is key to acing HR digital transformation.

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How HR tech’s people data boosts business performance

How HR tech’s people data boosts business performance

CIPD and HiBob research shows how HR pros use tech, data, and automation to boost business performance.

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HR Dashboard Examples

HR dashboard examples

An HR dashboard is a tool used by Human Resources teams to visualize, track, analyze, and report on relevant data and KPIs. Today’s HR dashboards are created using specialized HR analytics software designed to leverage advanced technology for this specific purpose. HR dashboards allow HR professionals to explore important data, discover insights, and optimize their workflow.

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First 90 Days as CHRO: HR Roadmaps that Get C-Level Buy-In

A CHRO’s first 90 days: HR roadmaps that get C-level buy-in

The HR roadmap you build at the beginning of your tenure as a CHRO is fundamental to your success.

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The Great Unretirement and the Power of Returnships

Bridging the talent gap: Embracing the Great Unretirement and returnships

Despite the willingness of older generations to return to the workforce, these professionals face a significant barrier in age discrimination.

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