As companies scale, adding more people, sites, and product lines, they become more complex and start investing in tech tools to streamline and automate their operations. These tools tend to include implementing an HCM for managing HR processes and people, a cross-company collaboration platform like Slack or MS Teams, and other automated solutions that ease and secure critical processes company-wide. 

For IT and Operations professionals, maintaining efficiency and security across the organization is key. Therefore, when choosing an HCM for your growing organization, in addition to considering its size, growth trajectory, and ease of use, it’s also essential to check that it integrates with the tech stack you and your people use daily while complying with the most stringent data security and privacy standards.  

Bob was built for modern, mid-sized, multi-national companies working across different sites and supporting flexible work models. In addition to a module-based platform that you can add to as you grow, Bob also integrates with the leading tech solutions, enabling you to seamlessly transfer data between Bob and these third-party solutions for a single source of truth, increased visibility, more streamlined and secure processes, and saving time. Let’s have a look at how Bob supports all of these critical needs.

Streamline and secure data for your global teams

Bob integrates with over 100 tech solutions that cover the entire employee lifecycle and ensure optimal efficiency across the organization without compromising data security, visibility, and governance. For example, integrating Bob with Slack or MS Teams keeps your people informed on what’s going on in the business in their flow of work, maximizing their productivity. Connecting Bob to Okta and G Suite creates a single, secure sign-on for the apps your people use the most while simplifying complex processes such as creating new users when onboarding employees or turning off app permissions when they offboard. 

For organizations dispersed across geographies and time zones, digital tools that increase efficiency are a must. Bob sits at the center of your tech stack, integrating with your favorite global and local tech solutions, from applicant tracking systems (ATS) and benefits administration (ben admin) to cross-company collaboration tools and single sign-on (SSO), streamlining workflows and creating a single source of truth for your people, wherever they are working. 

When Glyn Blaize, COO at Amdaris, searched for an HCM to support his company’s 200 percent growth, he sought a solution that could support its workforce spread across seven global sites that also integrated with Microsoft Teams and other best-of-breed tools for a single source of truth for people data. Glyn saw that Bob integrates with the tech that Amdaris uses daily, including HowNow for learning and development, Payfit for payroll, and Jira for project management, streamlining data flow between the apps and simplifying the complexity of handling multiple solutions simultaneously. 

Increase your organization’s efficiency with integrations from ADP to Zapier 

For modern HR teams, Bob integrates with the leading HR tools to help automate and simplify day-to-day operations. For example, by integrating Bob with your company’s LMS, including 360Learning, Go1, and Docebo, HR can require new joiners to complete an obligatory training session as part of their onboarding in a simple workflow. Bob’s HR integrations include: 

  1. Applicant tracking systems (ATS), including Greenhouse, Workable, and SmartRecruiters.
  2. Employee perks and recognition systems, including Perkbox, Snappy, and Juno.
  3. Global and local payroll and employer of record (EOR) solutions, including ADP, Xero, Deel, and Papaya Global.
  4. Ben admin tools, such as bswift and Sequoia.

Bob also integrates with the leading tech your people use company-wide, from team collaboration and expense management tools to developer tools and equity management solutions, enabling you to create automated workflows in Bob that utilize your tech stack for maximum efficiency. For example, you can seamlessly support your people’s business travel by automating the transfer of travel docs and other required information to travel management tools like TravelPerk or Navan. Bob’s software integrations include: 

  1. SSO, including Okta and onelogin.
  2. Team collaboration tools, Slack and MS Teams.
  3. Developer tools, including Zapier and Workato.
  4. Productivity tools such as Jira.

To see the complete list of Bob’s integrations, check out the HiBob Marketplace. 

Address the challenges of managing hybrid and global teams

As companies become more global and people work according to flexible and hybrid schedules, tech tools have become more critical than ever before. Bob integrates seamlessly with the tools your company’s teams love and uses daily—from HR software to developer tools and everything in between—ensuring safe and secure data transfer and increasing your company’s efficiency. We are constantly adding new integrations to the HiBob Marketplace, so keep checking back to see what’s new. 

Yoav Gur

From Yoav Gur

Yoav is a business development professional passionate about revolutionizing the way modern companies engage with their talent. At HiBob, he focuses on strategic partnerships, M&A, geographic expansion, and other strategic initiatives. When he is not making PowerPoint slides, he can be found listening to history and politics podcasts.