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Papaya Global is a SaaS fintech company providing global payroll and payments technology — the only tech-first payroll software built for global enterprises. Papaya’s comprehensive, automated solution provides the visibility, speed, and flexibility finance teams need to control workforce spending. Papaya serves as the brain connecting the dots of global payroll — unifying data streams, integrating with HCM and ERP tools — to create a single source of truth. It turns payroll — every company’s biggest expense and liability — into a strategic asset, making Papaya a core part of the finance infrastructure and the CFO tech stack, future-proofing digital transformation.

  • The only payments platform specialized for payroll- Ground breaking technology, global payment network, and transfer licenses: Payroll payments are delivered quickly and accurately, with full liability. ​
  • Full A-Z solution​- From payroll onboarding to payroll processing through payroll payment delivery and journal reconciliation, we cover the entire process – end-to-end.​
  • Cutting-edge SaaS technology with the shortest onboarding time in the industry​- AI-driven, cloud-based technology lets you onboard in 3 months (compared to 12-18 months for competitors).​
  • Support for all types of employment​- Global solution supporting all employment types including payroll, EoR, and contractors.​

Key features:

  • Global Payroll: Papaya Global holds money transfer licenses around the globe and offers a secure, rapid, and highly efficient solution using optimized payment rails.
  • Payroll Payments: Thanks to our seamless cross-platform connectors, any changes made on the client payroll data side are reflected immediately on Papaya OS, adjusting payments calculations immediately.
  • Virtual Wallet: Our designated virtual wallets can be used to pay the entire global workforce, local tax authorities, and benefits vendors. Each wallet holds one type of currency, but clients can open as many wallets as they need and divide the funds between them as they see fit.
  • Unified Approach: All HR, payroll, and payments data is collected on one unified dashboard, providing a holistic and detailed view of costs, employee trends, DE&I, and more, across the globe.

Offering a robust, comprehensive integration between the HiBob platform and Papaya OS, including:

  • Syncing data like employee details, compensation, PTO, and salary updates
  • Supporting a wide range of data attributes between Papaya OS and HiBob
  • Tailoring and customizing which data to integrate according to your specific needs

Papaya Global’s API connector with HiBob allows clients to sync HR data including basic salary information and PTO data from HiBob to Papaya.

The connector supports both HR and PTO data. Clients may choose if they want to integrate only one type of data or both.

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