Performance and compensation guide Hibob

Performance and compensation, should they be connected?

When building a compensation strategy or updating an existing one based on organizational growth, it’s imperative to consider how compensation connects to performance, and how that connection can inspire your employees to drive the organization forward.

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Hibob webinar: Is employee retention realistic? - jon-tyson-FlHdnPO6dlw-unsplash-1-1-1.jpg

Hibob webinar: Is employee retention realistic?

Yesterday, we held a webinar exploring if employee retention is still a realistic KPI for modern People and Talent functions. There was one clear takeaway: that we need to embrace the fact that the average employee tenure has become shorter. So, to get the most out of your people in shorter time frames, setting honest, clear expectations and objectives throughout the employee lifecycle are key. The session was hosted by two lively HR influencers: Matt Buckland (Head of Talent and Co-Founder at Rainmaking Studio) and Matt Bradburn (Co-Founder, the…

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The guide to addressing cultural safety for HR leaders

The guide to addressing cultural safety for HR leaders

The pillars of cultural safety: 1. What does cultural safety mean? 2. Existing laws protecting cultural safety 3. Beyond legal standards 4. HR’s culture safety role 5. Long-term strategies for protecting cultural safety

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Webinar: understanding employee experience design - tim-gouw-KigTvXqetXA-unsplash-1.jpg

Webinar: understanding employee experience design

Today, we hosted a webinar with our friends from 5ive.Studio: an Experience Design agency based in the Nordics.In this session, co-founders Steve Usher and Morten Raahague looked at: What employee experience design actually meansWhy businesses need to champion human-centered designHow HR can redesign experiences to impact the bottom line Here’s a summary of Steve and Morten’s five steps to help HR design incredible employee experiences: 1. Start by shifting your mindset  When it comes to designing a great experience: it’s less about budget and more about shifting your perspective. …

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Hibob The future of work is hybrid

The future of work is hybrid

What have we learned? Being at work does not mean being at the office. The new normal is not going to be the same; people expect to be able to work from home after proving they can be productive.

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Webinar: The remote working experience - Remote-Work-On-Demand-Webinar_-Blog-img.png

Webinar: The remote working experience

This month, our HR, Talent and Culture community has been exploring the best ways to engage remote and global teams. Last week we had a successful London meet-up, where we looked at how to build culture across many sites. And today, we hosted a webinar with Jamie Bray (Founder of Brayber Recruitment), exploring the remote working experience. As an expert in remote working - both in sourcing remote candidates, and offering his staff all kinds of remote working incentives - his underlying messages were clear: Remote work is becoming the…

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Coming back to the office survey template - Back-to-the-office-survey-main-image-2.png

Coming back to the office survey template

Back-to-the-office survey template Support your people and help them feel more comfortable by using survey insights to guide your organization’s recovery plan.While it is essential to listen to employees, it is equally important to respect their privacy and maintain confidentiality. Keep your finger on the pulse without putting people on the spot by using surveys that deliver real-time feedback to inform your back to work strategy. Your back to work survey can include open-ended questions to encourage more open and nuanced communication in addition to Likert scale and multiple-choice questions.…

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Happiness at work week highlights and top tips - lidya-nada-_0aKQa9gr4s-unsplash-e1569509661762.jpg

Happiness at work week highlights and top tips

With International Happiness at Work Week drawing to a close, we have been reflecting back on the events and webinars that we have hosted this week and have a whole repertoire of tips and advice we’re excited to share with you.  Our first webinar of the week looked at the importance of motivation and collaboration across all teams within a business - including (arguably, most importantly) the leadership team. In order to identify what really motivates and bonds a high performing, happy team - we went outside of the boardroom…

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HR's guide to stress management Hibob

HR's guide to communications in crisis

Some crises are impossible to anticipate or plan for, but how a crisis is managed will make the difference between organizational recovery or collapse. HR’s role during these times is to guide policies and strategies that prioritize employee wellbeing and foster open and constructive communication

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Webinar: Managing Change Through People Leadership - chris-lawton-5IHz5WhosQE-unsplash-e1565877347777.jpg

Webinar: Managing Change Through People Leadership

For those of you who joined my Webinar with Hibob, you’ll know that my approach is FAR from HR (even though that rhymes). It’s about managing change through PEOPLE leadership! I’m not interested in discussing traditional HR Change Management processes, because I don’t believe slapping a generic process on top of a problem ever works. In modern day, fast paced, high growth businesses, we need something more transformative. Hence (one of) Unleashed’s mottos: HR is dead, long live People! We’ll start by looking at some key steps to creating…

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back to the office guide for HR Hibob

Back to the office guide

Combating the spread of COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. Each of us should do our part in reducing the risk of infection, especially for more vulnerable members of our communities. Communicate any concerns you may have before going back to work and adhere to organizational standards to protect yourself and those around you. Working together, managers, HR, and teams can get back to work safely and with renewed motivation and morale.

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Webinar: Performance reviews and productivity - john-schnobrich-2FPjlAyMQTA-unsplash.jpg

Webinar: Performance reviews and productivity

Following our webinar on future-proofing performance processes, to boost productivity and meet the demands of today’s workforce, here is a roundup of the key points and takeaways. The session began with bob’s Head of Customer Success, Alyson Sturgess, taking us through the importance of performance reviews and how they can contribute to enhanced productivity. She discussed how getting the right performance measures in place, can be the perfect way to: Close the feedback loop between manager and employeeSet clear expectations and goalsClarify what success looks likeConfirm what makes an…

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5 ways Hibob uses bob to manage a remote workforce - 5-ways-Hibob-uses-bob-to-manage-a-remote-workforce-main-image-1-1.png

5 ways Hibob uses bob to manage a remote workforce

We went fully remote in one weekend. When we left work on Friday afternoon there were whispers about the possibility of a company-wide WFH period coming soon. By Sunday, that was a reality for all of our global offices - and it doesn’t look like we’ll be coming back to our offices anytime soon. Without utilizing bob, we couldn’t have done it. Taking advantage of bob’s tools and native integrations allowed us to initiated and complete an unimaginable transition quickly and (nearly) seamlessly. Let’s discuss the five key ways bob…

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Hibob events: Getting started with people analytics in HR - proxyclick-visitor-management-system-FHGVoOlwGaI-unsplash-1.jpg

Hibob events: Getting started with people analytics in HR

It’s been a highly analytical week at Hibob with our conversations around data and people analytics in full flow. Our in-house data scientist, Adina Lederhendler, shared her top tips for getting started with People Analytics during a webinar on Tuesday and a panel of HR and insight experts (Nicola Millard, Luke Wilkins and Lauren Brown) took us through some real life examples of the impact data can have on a people function, during our panel discussion last night.  While presented in different formats the underlying message was very much…

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The new world of remote onboarding - The-new-world-of-remote-onboarding-main-image-4.png

The new world of remote onboarding

Until the COVID-19 epidemic, frequent job-hopping cost the U.S. economy $30.5 billion annually. But the job-seeker’s market has become tight and now favors employers as 26.5 million jobs were lost and unemployment surged to 20% in just five weeks. "Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve productivity by over 70%."Brandon Hall Group Working from home has become a new normal for millions of Americans—and it may not go away even when the economy recovers. 24% of people currently working from home don’t want to go back to the office and…

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