Demo: Unlocking performance and talent with Bob - Charlie Franks
Charlie Franks
Account Executive

Employees want to be part of high-performing teams and great company cultures. They also want to know that companies are truly investing in professional development to have a clear view of their potential career growth within the organization. It is up to HR leaders and managers alike to use a tool that will give a 360-degree view of their people’s productivity, goals, and achievements for unbiased and fair performance reviews. 

Enter Bob. Bob’s performance and goal-setting tools help managers create an open, supportive culture where your people grow, develop, and succeed. Watch our latest demo session as we dive into key features of the Bob platform, including:

  • Self-assessments and conducting 360-degree performance reviews 
  • Setting up and customizing performance review cycles 
  • Putting your people’s professional development first with goal setting
  • Getting started with 1-on-1s

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