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Approval flows

Completely customizable flows with approvals make sure that each stage of your process is completed at the right time by the right people.

  • Delegate tasks to save time and energy
  • Streamline decision-making and improve accuracy
  • Track progress in real-time to make faster, more agile decisions
  • Automatically trigger further actions within a Task List to complete HR business processes
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Workflow automation

bob’s Task Lists help you automate your HR processes to help you save time and reduce human error. Task Lists allows you to set up full workflows in just a few clicks, so you can keep everyone in the loop and still have time to make a cup of coffee before that meeting.

Use Task Lists to:

  • Automate tasks, emails, and feedback collection across your organization 
  • Set multiple conditions to control when tasks are activated 
  • Auto-send feedback surveys at just the right time (based on important events like one month after onboarding)
  • Keep things moving along with personalized emails, notifications and reminders
  • Automatically trigger Task Lists at the end of Onboarding, New Hire, or Approval flows
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Task management

Tasks in bob helps you and your people stay organized and efficient so you can keep your HR operations running smoothly. 

  • Monitor task progress and give others a little nudge when needed
  • Assign, re-assign, and notify those who need to stay in the know
  • Mark your own and others’ tasks as done and track history
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Thanks to bob’s radically streamlined processes, Karmarama’s HR team has much more time to deal with what’s really important, our people.
Luke PrebbleHR Coordinator, KarmaramaMORE SUCCESS STORIES

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